It’s Canada’s 150th birthday – Let’s celebrate!

Colleges and institutes in Canada have a long and important history that dates back even more than 150 years. All across the country they educate the population for the local job market reality, they are hubs of innovation that business and industry rely on to support their growth and development, all of which means that colleges and institutes are driving Canadian prosperity.

To celebrate, we want to engage Canada’s 1.5 million college-based learners in over 3000 communities across the country in a suite of inter-related activities through the course of 2017.

This anniversary project will showcase the contribution of colleges and institutes to Canada’s excellence in a variety of domains.

Starting in January, we will be celebrating college and institute success with our National Anthology, a project using member submissions each month to highlight the role colleges and institutes have played and will continue to play in making Canada one of the world’s strongest societies, embodying openness, respect and diversity.

We are also planning a National Celebration Week including local and national activities that will be held shortly before our annual conference in Ottawa. Mark your calendars for the week of April 3rd, 2017.

After looking back on our success, we will cap off the year with a look forward to Canada 2067. Colleges and institutes will remain a very important part of shaping Canadian society. We want to capture your vision for colleges and institutes in the next 50 years!

Stay tuned for updates on how to get involved.