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January 2017

Art & Design Achievements

Any student achievement in fine art, literature, fashion, graphic design, music, or culinary arts; cool exhibitions, or design festivals organized by a college or institute etc.

College of the North Atlantic student, alumna, and faculty member nominated for East Coast Music Association awards

College of the North Atlantic

from the press release: “Three people, three backgrounds, three awards. A College of the North Atlantic (CNA) student, alumna and faculty member will be contending for awards at the East Coast Music Association (ECMA) annual awards presentation, taking place in Saint John, New Brunswick this April. Leading by example, Sound Recording & Production instructor, Michelle…

Durham College Music Business Administration grad makes it to Top 40 with debut single

Durham College

from Maclean’s: “Sarah Mark didn’t realize just how much she had learned in college until she got her first Top 40 hit on the radio. Granted, she had barely finished college when that happened. Her debut single “Tun Up,” a jaunty R&B summertime pop anthem, started getting serious airtime on Canadian radio stations just as…

Future Ways of Living Cultural Celebration and Pop-Up Lab

George Brown College

The unique George Brown College Institute without Boundaries (IwB), a Toronto-based educational program and design studio, works to achieve social, ecological, and economic innovation through design collaboration. from George Brown College: “The Institute without Boundaries (IwB) was founded in 2003 by the School of Design at George Brown College, in consultation with Bruce Mau. The…

Former St. Clair College Graphic Art students launch cathartic exhibit in Southern Ontario

St. Clair College

from The Windsor Star: Artist Dave Mutnjakovic started drawing as a cathartic way to deal with the challenges of living with Crohn’s disease. “I nearly died when I was 14 because I was misdiagnosed,” said Mutnjakovic. “Suddenly I started drawing and it poured out of me for six years.” Now 34, he works as an…

Dare to Achieve, by Gavin MacDougall

Centennial College

To mark Centennial College’s 50th anniversary as well as Canada’s 150th birthday, the college commissioned an outdoor mural at the new Centennial Residence and Culinary Arts Centre (CRCA) at Progress Campus. The winning design, entitled ‘Dare to Achieve’ by artist Gavin MacDougall, a graduate from Centennial’s Fine Arts Studio program, was unveiled on June 22. “Art that’s in the…

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February 2017

International Success Stories

International outreach or development projects, partnerships abroad, research impacting other countries etc.

Fleming College signs 2+2 international pathway partnership with Irish institute

Fleming College

from the press release: “Sporting Goods Business graduates of Fleming College in Ontario, Canada can now complete a degree in their field at Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) in Ireland with just two additional years of study. A new ‘2+2’ pathway between the two institutions allows eligible Sporting Goods Business graduates seamless entry into the third…

Selkirk College instructor builds on Rwanda relationship

Selkirk College

from the press release: The bond grows between Selkirk College and Rwanda’s Nyundo School of Music where an international language is bringing growing opportunities to shrink the world through music. The next chapter in the growing relationship between Selkirk College and Rwanda’s Nyundo School for Music has been written. Earlier this month, Selkirk College Contemporary Music…

Humber’s Health Sciences Guatemala experience 

Humber College

The door to the makeshift clinic had just opened as a young Guatemalan woman appeared. In her arms was a child taking strained breaths. Without immediate emergency attention, the child wasn’t going to survive. Over 10 days in 2016, students in Humber’s School of Health Sciences conducted health assessments and provided care to almost 300 children living…

Une étudiante lance une initiative pour aider les jeunes femmes au Malawi

Collège Vanier

du communiqué de presse :  « Alexandra Mota”, une étudiante du Collège Vanier, vient de lancer une initiative afin de promouvoir la présence à l’école et la réussite scolaire parmi les adolescentes au Malawi. Grâce à un projet en collaboration avec Lunapads, une entreprise en ColombieBritannique, Alexandra voyagera au Malawi en mars prochain afin d’approvisionner plusieurs centaines…

Students find success at WorldSkills Competition

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Two students put their skills to the test and showed the world that an education from Sask Polytech cultivates success at the WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi earlier this month. Kyla Henry, from Regina, tied for 6th and brought home a Medallion of Excellence in the Graphic Design Technology competition against 28 competitors. Daniel Nelson, also…

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March 2017

Green Spaces

Any sustainable classroom, clean-energy lab, carbon-reducing structure or initiative, or sustainable agriculture on campus or managed in conjunction with your institution etc.

Niagara College: Where campuses are living labs for sustainability

Niagara College

At Niagara College, campuses are used as a way for students to explore, learn and innovate in all aspects of sustainability. NC’s campuses have become a platform for multidisciplinary, active and experiential learning – not as an ancillary benefit, but by design. The NC mission is to provide outstanding applied education and training for a…

NSCC’s Centre for the Built Environment: blending environmental stewardship and technology

Nova Scotia Community College

Situated on Halifax Harbour—part of Nova Scotia Community College’s Waterfront Campus—is the LEED-, BOMA BESt Platinum- and Audubon-Certified Centre for the Built Environment (CBE). A 120,000 square foot, living research laboratory, the CBE blends the natural environment with the built environment; a unique concept for a trades and technology space. The CBE features large operable…

Raymond Loo Memorial Garden gives Holland College students and staff a place to learn and reflect

Holland College

A barren patch of land on Holland College’s Prince of Wales Campus has been turned into an organic garden and plein-air classroom where students and staff can rediscover the therapeutic benefits of nature and take applied learning to a whole new level. The Raymond Loo Memorial Garden is named after one of the most prominent…

Living Green Initiative

Durham College

At Durham College (DC), sustainability guides decisions and practices in fostering the continued success and well‐being of students, employees and stakeholders. DC believes in fostering sustainable behaviours and in sharing responsibility for social, environmental and economic stewardship, and strives toward the enhancement of awareness in education throughout the college and greater community. DC is committed…

Embracing electric vehicles at NBCC

New Brunswick Community College

New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) students and staff are on the road to promoting electric vehicle use in New Brunswick thanks to two new 2016 Chevrolet Volts. The electric vehicles, or EVs as they are called, are a creative and innovative way for the college to train students in various programs such as Automotive Service…

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May 2017


Any scientific, technological, business, or social innovation developed on campus, in partnership with your institution, or facilitated by programming/incubators at your institution etc.

Vancouver Island University grad develops Cree-language app to help preserve Indigenous languages

Vancouver Island University

from Global News: The Athabasca Tribal Council wants to make sure indigenous languages are not lost. So it took matters into its own hands — to put language back into the hands of youth. A free app, called ATC Cree, provides hundreds of words with their Cree translation. “It has categories of words,” developer Byron Bates explained.…

Sask Polytech announces new Innovative Manufacturing program

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

As of this month Saskatchewan Polytechnic is offering 12 seats in its new Innovative Manufacturing program. Beginning September 2017 the two-year diploma program will be delivered at the Regina campus. Saskatchewan’s manufacturing sector identified the need for multi-skilled workers. The cross-discipline design of the proposed program provides students with a breadth of knowledge and skills,…

Canada invests $35 million in NAIT for new productivity and innovation building

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)

from the Edmonton Sun:  Post-secondary polytechnic education is getting a boost in Edmonton thanks to a nearly $35-million federal grant announced Wednesday. The funding is earmarked for a new productivity and innovation building at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology that is expected to partner with industry to solve problems and create jobs. “The building…

Des étudiants en architecture du Cégep de Rimouski créent des œuvres architecturales qui intègrent de la culture aquaponique

Cégep de Rimouski

de Radio-Canada: Les étudiants en architecture du Cégep de Rimouski seront appelés à utiliser la culture aquaponique qui y est développée pour embellir l’établissement. Une somme de 15 000 dollars sera mise à leur disposition pour créer, l’automne prochain, des œuvres architecturales qui intègrent la culture aquaponique. Le professeur en géographie, Jérôme Bossé, souhaite que ce projet…

JIBC research shows resiliency training program could help reduce incidences of post-traumatic stress


Training people to build personal resilience before experiencing a potentially traumatic situation could help reduce incidences of post-traumatic stress among first responders, concludes a recent research project by the Justice Institute of British Columbia. The study, “Building Personal Resilience in Paramedic Students,” involved 81 paramedic students who completed a survey measuring personal resilience before completing…

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June 2017

Indigenous Inclusion

Any initiative taken by a college or institute to encourage post-secondary education in Indigenous communities, program directed toward Indigenous learners, or service offered to facilitate Indigenous culture and values on campus etc.

New Okanagan College program help support workers better serve Indigenous people and communities

Okanagan College

A new program developed by Okanagan College in collaboration with local First Nations communities and regional Aboriginal organizations will prepare learners to step into community support work assisting Aboriginal individuals and families. The Aboriginal Community Support Worker Certificate program launches on November 28 at the College’s Salmon Arm campus. It will include a practicum with…

Former BCIT student launches new augmented reality app to tell Indigenous stories

British Columbia Institute of Technology

from CBC Radio: Imagine Google Maps, Wikipedia, Pokémon Go and a Canadian Heritage Minute, all rolled into one. Now, imagine it all on your smartphone. The app in question is called Wikiupedia. It’s the brainchild of Adrian Duke, a tech entrepreneur who comes from the Muscowpetung First Nation in Saskatchewan. He imagines it as a powerful tool for sharing and preserving Indigenous history, by crowd-sourcing stories from…

VIU’s first Indigenous counsellor addresses past trauma to help future generations

Vancouver Island University

from Nanaimo News Now: Vancouver Island University-Nanaimo’s first Indigenous counsellor is addressing trauma from her student’s past in order to help set the next generation up for a more productive future. Noelle Hanuse, from Oweekeno and Klahoose First Nations, started at the university’s Nanaimo campus in January. She already has roughly 20 clients, half of…

NC student raises awareness through Faceless Dolls workshop

Niagara College

They were lined up side by side on a table – each handmade felt doll carefully placed as the glue set on their yarn of hair and colourful dresses, adorned with accessories like beads and flowers. Each doll was crafted with creativity, care and consideration by students, staff and faculty. Each doll without a face.…

NWCC displays art donated from First Nations Fine Arts students

Northwest Community College

It was a momentous event for First Nations Fine Arts students on December 8, 2016 when two carvings, crafted by Freda Diesing herself, were donated to the art studio at Northwest Community College. Donors Kelsey Wiebe (on behalf of her grandparents, Jim & Jane Christison) and Corey Bulpitt, presented a Wolf Panel carving and a…

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July 2017

Programs of Interest

Any interesting/original program offered by a college or institute that we should celebrate.

Concepts of Palliative Care

Lambton College

The Concepts of Palliative Care, Board of Governors Certificate is a flexible delivery, part-time, online program designed to provide students with the specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be involved with caring for a person with a life-limiting illness and their families.   View program

Clinical Genetics Technology


BCIT’s Clinical Genetics Technology program is one of two programs of its kind in Canada, and the only one in Western Canada. Our program is taught with the small class sizes and high quality instructors for which BCIT is known.   View program

Urban Forestry – Arboriculture

Algonquin College

This is your first step into the elite world of Urban Forestry – Arboriculture! Arborists are tree experts, and trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees in the urban environment. From the smallest sapling to the largest mature specimen, you will learn and implement techniques to plant, maintain…

Geographic Sciences

Nova Scotia Community College

This program gives you the foundation you need to start a successful career in geographic sciences. In the first year, you learn the basics of geographic sciences, how to use geomatics tools and technology (e.g., Global Positioning Systems [GPS], Geographic Information Systems [GIS], remote sensing) and you explore the individual disciplines and their interdependence.  …

Community Integration Through Co-operative Education (CICE)

Loyalist College

The Community Integration Through Co-operative Education (CICE) program is designed for students with intellectual disabilities and other significant learning challenges interested in pursuing post-secondary education and experiencing College life. Through modified programming and field placement opportunities, this pathway program will help you develop skills that will prepare you to transition to volunteer or paid employment.…

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August 2017

Cool Spaces

Any unique student centre, work-integrated learning lab, technology classroom, production studio, or artistic space facilitating an innovative learning experience, mental health awareness, or skills development etc., or any update or addition to an existing space to make it more accessible.

The Cube

Lambton College

The Cube is an entrepreneurship hub that offers help and guidance to students and youth in the community during the early stages of business development. It strives to foster and support individuals to become successful entrepreneurs by providing them with sustainable business skills to start up their own business. The Cube connects you with business…

MI’s Flume Tank

Marine Institute

The Marine Institute is home to the world’s largest flume tank. This facility is used to carry out performance evaluations, gear tests and other observations on newly developed or existing fishing gears and other related equipment in simulated underwater and near surface conditions. Constructed at a cost of $8.5 million CAD and first opened in…

La cohabitation, un succès à Edmundston


Un concept innovateur a vu le jour à Edmundston, au Nouveau-Brunswick, en septembre 2011 et il fait toujours fureur. Le CCNB – Campus d’Edmundston et l’Université de Moncton, campus d’Edmundston (UMCE), partagent depuis six ans des espaces communs grâce à un projet éducatif de cohabitation. Le succès de cette cohabitation a dépassé toutes les attentes.…

Centennial Residence and Culinary Arts Centre

Centennial College

Centennial College has grown rapidly over the past several years and demand for student housing outpaced the capacity of our 340-bed facility on Progress Avenue. Knowing that a lack of access to a residence is an impediment for students living outside a reasonable commuting distance from campus, Centennial constructed an eight-storey Centennial Residence and Culinary…

The Centre for Collaborative Education

Durham College

Durham College is embarking on the most ambitious and transformative initiative in its history – the new Centre for Collaborative Education (CFCE). A legacy project tied to the college’s 50th anniversary in 2017, the CFCE will replace the college’s aging Simcoe building, which was originally built as a temporary structure and opened in 1969. The new multi-level,…

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September 2017

What are your #150reasons?

You shared your #150reasons for choosing to work, study, teach and/or lead at your institutions with us – and here they are! Continue to Tweet @CollegeCan to share your #150reasons!

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October 2017


Any entrepreneur coming out of the college/institute system, program fostering entrepreneurship, incubator success, or business partnership with a college or institute etc.

Graduate Cat Squires: How They Found Their Fit in Graphic Design

Do you fit in yet? Cat Squires does. Graphic Designer Extraordinaire, Expressive Artist, Gender Fluid Person, Borderline Personality Disorder Manager, Non-Profit Supporter, Loving Daughter, Proud Mother, Devoted Wife. Depending on which direction you approach Cat, you could try to label them a hundred different ways. They are all of these things – but cannot be…

Amy Sullivan & Rachel Greenwood: Making Space for Clay


Good partnerships don’t grow on trees. You find them buried in the mud. Amy Sullivan and Rachel Greenwood are mud goddesses. Both have been making a living with their work since graduating from the NBCCD Ceramics Diploma in 2006. Both of their respective businesses, Amy Laloon Pottery & Greenwood Pottery, are well known in the Maritimes. Now they have partnered…

Fredéric Laforge, un entrepreneur créatif!


Dans le cadre de la Semaine de la petite et moyenne entreprise, mieux connue sous le nom de PME, le CCNB souligne le cheminement de Fredéric Laforge, un diplômé du CCNB qui fait les manchettes depuis un certain temps. M. Laforge est le co-fondateur et propriétaire du Farmers’ Truck, un marché mobile qui vend des…

Algonquin College and IgniteAC Launch Summit Program Program

Algonquin College

SUMMIT is a summer intensive entrepreneurship program for students 18-29 that runs from May 9th   July 21st at Algonquin College and is at the core of the government’s Innovation Agenda when we look at how to build an entrepreneurial society. The SUMMIT organizing team has assembled over 50 workshops offered by industry veterans and specialists…

Derek Chan overcomes challenges to teach martial arts

Centennial College

While used to close-quarter combat, martial artist Derek Chan didn’t expect to be pushed out of his comfort zone. But that’s exactly what ACCEL, the Accelerator for Centennial College Entrepreneurs and Leaders, did for him. Armed with a graphic design diploma from York University in 2008, Chan didn’t anticipate the market headwinds after graduation, the “bad…

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November 2017

Outstanding Alumni

Any alumnus who is successfully contributing to Canada or Canada’s brand.

Brent Butt

Sheridan College

Actor, comedian, and writer

Douglas Coupland

Emily Carr University

Novelist and artist

Louis Garneau

Cégep de Sainte-Foy

Road racing and track cyclist

Jeff McKenna

Nova Scotia Community College

Geospatial Technologies Entrepreneur

Katie Ohe



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December 2017

Community Impact

Any example of colleges and institutes contributing to the success, security, or well-being of their community.

Langara students pen the memoirs of local Holocaust survivors

Langara College

In Fall 2016, Langara launched Writing Lives: the Holocaust Survivor Memoir Project. Writing Lives is a one-time two-semester project at Langara College, coordinated by English instructor Dr. Rachel Mines, in which second-year students are connected with local Holocaust survivors to interview them and write memoirs of their lives before, during and after the Holocaust. An interdisciplinary initiative, the…

Monsters Rule at Selkirk College’s Tenth Street Campus

Selkirk College

Building on an educational foundation for both elementary and college students, the Selkirk College Digital Arts & New Media Program joined forces with Hume Elementary School for a spirited project that brought to life some wonderful creatures. From the minds of Hume Elementary School students to the computer screens of Selkirk College Digital Arts & New…

Selkirk College partners with Nelson CARES on annual Coldest Night of the Year fundraising event

Selkirk College

On February 25, people will take to the streets of downtown Nelson to increase awareness about homelessness in the community and raise funds to help continue renovations at Ward Street Place. There are two, five and 10 kilometre walks which give participants the opportunity to experience a few hours outside in the cold, a hint…

North Island College campaign highlights student impact in the community

North Island College

North Island College’s Office of Global Engagement is spearheading a new social media campaign to highlight students in the community. The stories are loosely based on the successful Humans of New York campaign, which profiled New Yorkers. Students of NIC initially profiles international students at NIC, showcasing their journey, passion and activities in the community.…

Durham College carpentry students support Habitat for Humanity volunteers

Durham College

from DurhamRegion.com: The next phase of Habitat for Humanity’s Centre Town project is underway and the organization is hoping to see lots of hands on deck for the newest phase. A group of 911 responders recently spent a hot August day putting in the floor joists for four homes that represent phase 3A of Habitat…

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