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January 2017

Art & Design Achievements

Any student achievement in fine art, literature, fashion, graphic design, music, or culinary arts; cool exhibitions, or design festivals organized by a college or institute etc.

Camosun College’s Comic Arts Festival celebrates the artistry of visual storytelling

Camosun College

Camosun College in Victoria, BC, delivers a nationally unique certificate program in Comics and Graphic Novels each year to approximately 30 students. The one-of-a-kind program was created for students who have a desire to learn the language of visual storytelling, and focuses on skills-based learning for six career paths: comic book creation (print & online),…

Niagara College excels in Culinary Arts

Niagara College

from the press release: Niagara College’s Junior Culinary Team Canada proved that it has the recipe for success, winning a gold medal in its first of two competitions at the 2016 Culinary Olympics. The team from Niagara College’s Canadian Food and Wine Institute competed in its first competition at the IKA /Culinary Olympics in Erfurt,…

Les étudiants du Cégep de Sainte-Foy récompensés à l’Exposition de Design industriel 2016

Cégep de Sainte-Foy

du communiqué de presse : « Du 20 au 26 mai dernier, la Galerie Espaces Parenthèse du Cégep de Sainte-Foy accueillait l’exposition des finissants en Design industriel du Cégep de Sainte-Foy. Les finissants, au nombre de 16 cette année, en ont mis plein la vue aux visiteurs. Lors du vernissage, le mercredi 25 mai, plusieurs prix ont été…

Career training and culture coalesce at MITT

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

When the Downtown Winnipeg Biz put out a call for street banners to celebrate the Year of the Monkey (“Fire Monkey”), students in Jan Hamilton’s Graphic and Print Technician program (GPTech) at Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology answered the call, submitting 22 amazing designs. One of those designs – by MITT student Zhiling (Lucia)…

University of the Fraser Valley launches “Bachelor of Arts 2.0”

University of the Fraser Valley

from the press release: “The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is reshaping the venerable Bachelor of Arts degree, the foundation of many university graduates’ education. The new BA is linked to UFV’s key learning outcomes and emphasizes four core competencies as well as personal and social responsibility, and adds a mandatory online ePortfolio that highlights the…

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February 2017

International Success Stories

International outreach or development projects, partnerships abroad, research impacting other countries etc.

NorQuest College offers American Sign Language classes for newcomers to Canada

NorQuest College

from the press release: “It’s a first for Alberta and a game changer for deaf newcomers to Canada in the Edmonton region. On Monday, October 17, NorQuest College became the only post-secondary institution in the province to begin an American Sign Language (ASL) Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) class. “The goal is to…

George Brown students bring Chai Masti (Tea & Fun) to seniors in Mumbai 

George Brown College

George Brown College’s partnership with the Tata Institute of Social Services (TISS) in India offers students in the Early Childhood Education, Activation Co-ordinator/Gerontology and Community Worker programs an interdisciplinary international placement with one of several TISS community partners. Dignity Foundation, an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of India’s senior citizens, is one of these…

Les étudiants du Cégep Marie-Victorin en stage au Sénégal

Cégep Marie-Victorin

du communiqué de presse : « Accompagnés par Bernard Jobidon, enseignant au Cégep Marie-Victorin, huit étudiants en Design d’intérieur se sont envolés en destination du Sénégal afin de participer à un stage dont l’objectif est de réaliser conjointement un projet d’envergure de conception de maquettes. Un programme de formation de techniciens supérieurs en Architecture et Design d’intérieur est offert…

Kwantlen Polytechnic partners with City of Surrey to welcome artists facing persecution in their home countries

Kwantlen Polytechnic

from the Daily Hive: “Artists and writers who have been persecuted for their work can now call Surrey a safe haven. The City of Surrey is now Canada’s first International City of Refuge and joins 60 other cities around the world that have committed to providing safety to artists and writers who are in peril in…

Le Cégep de Trois-Rivières poursuit son travail de renforcement de capacités en Côte d’Ivoire

Cégep de Trois-Rivières

du communiqué de presse : “Le Cégep de Trois-Rivières travaille, depuis plusieurs années, en Côte d’Ivoire à la réhabilitation des lycées professionnels. Les quatre projets financés pour le premier lycée par la Banque Islamique de Développement (BID) et les trois derniers par la Banque Arabe pour le Développement Économique de l’Afrique (BADEA) ont permis l’élaboration et…

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March 2017

Green Spaces

Any sustainable classroom, clean-energy lab, carbon-reducing structure or initiative, or sustainable agriculture on campus or managed in conjunction with your institution etc.

Le Cégep Garneau vise à réduire son empreinte écologique

Cégep Garneau

Le Cégep Garneau a lancé, le mardi 13 décembre, un important chantier qui vise à réduire l’empreinte écologique des milliers de personnes qui y étudient ou travaillent ! Le Plan de gestion des déplacements place l’établissement en tête de liste pour sa sensibilité aux enjeux environnementaux ! En cohérence avec le Plan de mobilité durable de la Ville de…

W. Galen Weston Centre for Food at Durham College

Durham College

In 2009, Durham College (DC) turned its attention to Durham Region’s agri-food industry. Recognizing an opportunity to address local economic and social issues, DC embarked on an ambitious plan to satisfy the need for an agri-food-focused facility that would satisfy the gap in an innovative and environmentally conscious way. The end result was DC’s Centre…

Humber College’s new building: A green gateway to North Campus

Humber College

When Humber College set out to build its new gateway to the North Campus, sustainability was at top of mind. The Learning Resource Commons – a 260,000 square-foot building – opened in 2015. The LEED Gold structure includes sustainable features such as 94 per cent construction waste diversion, a green roof, 100 kW of electricity from…

Olds College Constructed Wetlands

Olds College

The Olds College Treatment Wetlands were over 11 years in the making, and officially opened in 2013. Since opening, the Wetlands have welcomed hundreds of visitors to take in the beauty and learn more about our local ecology. The Wetlands encompass an area of 20 acres, and include 19 ponds and a 1.3 kilometre pathway.…

Garden projects reap harvest of Niagara College expertise

Niagara College

A garden project is flourishing at White Oaks, thanks to Niagara College’s Research & Innovation division. On August 12, Niagara College’s Research & Innovation division unveiled its progress on a sustainable garden project assisting one of the closest neighbours to its Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus – White Oaks. The event involved students and faculty from Niagara College,…

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May 2017


Any scientific, technological, business, or social innovation developed on campus, in partnership with your institution, or facilitated by programming/incubators at your institution etc.

College of the Rockies instructor pilots innovative gamified calculus course

College of the Rockies

College of the Rockies calculus instructor, Leslie Molnar, is teaching Differential Calculus in a fun new way. While fun and calculus are not words that most of us think go together, Molnar has found the means to make it a reality – through gamification. The Winter 2017 Differential Calculus (MATH 103) online course had two…

Des étudiants en architecture du Cégep de Rimouski créent des œuvres architecturales qui intègrent de la culture aquaponique

Cégep de Rimouski

de Radio-Canada: Les étudiants en architecture du Cégep de Rimouski seront appelés à utiliser la culture aquaponique qui y est développée pour embellir l’établissement. Une somme de 15 000 dollars sera mise à leur disposition pour créer, l’automne prochain, des œuvres architecturales qui intègrent la culture aquaponique. Le professeur en géographie, Jérôme Bossé, souhaite que ce projet…

Selkirk College partners with local businesses to enhance innovation

Selkirk College

The Selkirk College-SME Applied Research & Technology Solutions (SMARTS) project drew to a close at the end of February. This multi-year project saw Selkirk College staff and students working with businesses around the region to tackle applied research questions aimed at helping partners use innovative approaches and technologies to enhance their operations. “One of the goals of…

Niagara College Advanced Manufacturing team utilizes 3-D Printing to improve cleaning system

Niagara College

Master Systems (Floorcare Buddy) a floor-care company in Dunnville, Ont. invented the Floorcare Buddy, a safer way to apply floor care products (they even appeared on Dragon’s Den). The owner needed help refining key design components and needed a full set of manufacturing drawings. The R & I team at Walker Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre…

Push for Change’s co-creator highlights his road to success through Loyalist College

Loyalist College

from Metro News: When he was 19 years old, Joe Roberts was homeless, addicted to heroin and pushing a shopping cart around Vancouver’s East Side. When he returns this fall at age 50, it’ll be by choice with a custom-built shopping cart he pushed all the way across Canada. Roberts co-created the Push for Change campaign to…

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June 2017

Indigenous Inclusion

Any initiative taken by a college or institute to encourage post-secondary education in Indigenous communities, program directed toward Indigenous learners, or service offered to facilitate Indigenous culture and values on campus etc.

First Nations firefighters in Quebec graduate from JIBC firefighting programs

Justice Institute of British Columbia

The Justice Institute of British Columbia’s (JIBC) latest firefighter graduates hail from First Nations in northern Quebec and will now have the needed skills to respond to emergencies in their communities. The program, funded by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, began in July 2016 with JIBC’s Fire & Safety Division training members of the Kahnawake…

Algonquin College and Cambrian College launch Indigenous student success program

Algonquin College, Cambrian College

An innovative program that aims to enhance Indigenous student recruitment, retention, and success is underway at Algonquin College and Cambrian College. Both institutions will be working with Indigenous communities on a new Indigenous Student Performance Success Program focused on producing research that will identify factors that help or hinder Indigenous students as they pursue postsecondary studies at each…

Sask Polytech celebrates Indigenous success stories, every month of the year

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

While some calendars feature cute animals or silly jokes, the ASAP calendar seeks to inspire individuals by sharing some of the stories of Indigenous students and employees who have found success with both personal and educational goals at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. “There are so many success stories we could share, it’s often hard to pick only 12,” says…

Northern College’s Lightning Trail encourages Indigenous youth to write their own story

Northern College

from Timmins Today: It’s Day 3 of Northern College’s Lightning Trail and the Nish Olympics of outdoor activities like canoeing and swimming are winding down; and campers have also participated in a healing blanket session and have begun to learn about programs offered at the college. Things got underway with a lively, inspirational and entertaining start…

Cumberland College to launch Elders-in-Residence program

Cumberland College

from Prince Albert Now: A unique initiative at Cumberland College in Nipawin, Melfort and Tisdale will bring more Indigenous elders to campus. College President Tom Weegar said the ‘Elders-in-Residence’ program will offer students an opportunity to meet with Métis and First Nation Elders from around the region to engage in traditional teaching on various topics.…

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July 2017

Programs of Interest

Any interesting/original program offered by a college or institute that we should celebrate.

Plant Operator Program

Selkirk College

This program prepares you for entry level positions as a plant operator. You’ll gain knowledge and develop the skills required to operate, monitor and troubleshoot control equipment and processing units found in most industrial settings.   View program

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Diploma

College of New Caledonia

A new diagnostic medical sonography diploma program offered by the College of New Caledonia in Prince George will provide access to more students wishing to pursue a career in ultrasound.   View program

Conflict Resolution: Specialization in Negotiation


The Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Specialization in Negotiation provides students with an excellent opportunity to explore the broad field of conflict resolution, with an emphasis on negotiation skills. The program will equip them with concepts and skills to improve personal and working relationships by learning how to handle conflict more constructively.   View program

Digital Media


In this 2-year program, you learn to produce professional-level digital media projects in 6 semesters of study. In the first two terms, you are introduced to the latest digital technologies and provided with a foundation in design concepts. In the third term, you choose one of three streams where you specialize in the area of your…

“Pathways to Shipbuilding” Indigenous Education and Apprenticeship program

Nova Scotia Community College

This cohort based pilot program integrates education, industry and community partnerships to develop a model that successfully creates pathways for Indigenous Canadians to enter the shipbuilding industry.  Over the course of the two-year program, participants will learn and work together, and be mentored and coached by community and industry supporters, including Indigenous employees working at…

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August 2017

Cool Spaces

Any unique student centre, work-integrated learning lab, technology classroom, production studio, or artistic space facilitating an innovative learning experience, mental health awareness, or skills development etc., or any update or addition to an existing space to make it more accessible.

Camosun’s Coastal Centre

Camosun College

Camosun College has increased its regional presence with the opening of the Camosun Coastal Centre. Formerly known as IMTARC (Industry Marine Training and Applied Research Centre), the satellite site is located on Songhees Nation Territory near the Esquimalt Graving Dock. The 4,000 square foot training building sits on leased land and was built in 2013.…

The Culinary Arts Centre

Centennial College

Centennial College has grown rapidly over the past several years and demand for student housing outpaced the capacity of our 340-bed facility on Progress Avenue. Knowing that a lack of access to a residence is an impediment for students living outside a reasonable commuting distance from campus, Centennial constructed an eight-storey Centennial Residence and Culinary…

The Solar Carport

Sheridan College

Construction is set to begin this summer at Sheridan’s Davis Campus in Brampton on what will be Canada’s largest solar carport.  The project came about after the college won a highly-coveted contract from the FIT (Feed-in Tariff) program run by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), which manages Ontario’s power system. The FIT program was…

Une borne de recharge électrique

Cégep Limoilou

Le Cégep Limoilou a installé cet hiver sa première borne de recharge électrique, mais pas n’importe quel type de borne. Celle-ci a la particularité d’être alimentée par nul autre que les panneaux solaires installés sur le toit vert du cégep depuis 2010! Une exclusivité qui fait du Cégep Limoilou le premier établissement postsecondaire à avoir…

VIU’s Aboriginal Outdoor Classroom

Vancouver Island University

At Vancouver Island University (VIU), members of the Outdoor Education Committee are aiming to create an Aboriginal outdoor classroom on campus where students will learn to become responsible stewards of their environment by becoming familiar with nature and developing the attitudes, values, and skills necessary to participate in resource stewardship. The Outdoor Classroom revolves around an interdisciplinary approach infused…

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September 2017

What are your #150reasons?

You shared your #150reasons for choosing to work, study, teach and/or lead at your institutions with us – and here they are! Continue to Tweet @CollegeCan to share your #150reasons!

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October 2017


Any entrepreneur coming out of the college/institute system, program fostering entrepreneurship, incubator success, or business partnership with a college or institute etc.

Selkirk College alumnae embody homegrown philosophy at Lōkel Hair Studio

Selkirk College

The owners of Nelson’s chic Lōkel Hair Studio personify their namesake. It doesn’t get much more local than the duo Ashely Simon and Michelle Devine. They were locally born and raised, locally schooled and are now local business owners. “We’re local to Nelson. Our families are local to Nelson. Our learning is local to Nelson,” says Simon.…

Algonquin College and IgniteAC Launch Summit Program Program

Algonquin College

SUMMIT is a summer intensive entrepreneurship program for students 18-29 that runs from May 9th   July 21st at Algonquin College and is at the core of the government’s Innovation Agenda when we look at how to build an entrepreneurial society. The SUMMIT organizing team has assembled over 50 workshops offered by industry veterans and specialists…

NBCCD Textile alumna Monica Memory makes little things you didn’t know you wanted


Monica Memory. Let that name sink in. How fitting that an artist with such an evocative name is in the business of making little memories. Each earring, each pendant, each pocket mirror is a tiny perfect illustration. Her work is reminiscent of childhood – bright and cute and bringing a smile to the lips every…

Holland College students pitch their business ideas at Starting Point Entrepreneurship Conference

Holland College

from the Guardian: Holland College business administration student, Jeremie Arsenault, earned $1,000 for his pitch to prospective funders at a business “speed dating” event in Halifax recently. Arsenault was one of three business administration students who attended the Starting Point Entrepreneurship Conference at St Mary’s University. In the Funder Speed Dating event, student entrepreneurs had…

Lambton College incubator, The Cube, to host a series of entrepreneurial workshops with MaRS

Lambton College

Lambton College is excited to announce that their campus entrepreneurial incubator, The Cube and the Bluewater Technology Access Centre (BTAC) have partnered to host representatives from MaRS to offer a series of entrepreneurial workshops. Launched in 2005, MaRS is a non for profit organization that has grown to become one of the world’s largest innovation…

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November 2017

Outstanding Alumni

Any alumnus who is successfully contributing to Canada or Canada’s brand.

Steven Galloway

Thompson Rivers University


Cheryl Hickey

Fanshawe College

Television personality

Gerald Fillion

Cégep de Sherbrooke

Canadian economic journalist

Alex Harvey

Cégep Garneau

Cross-country skier

Marie Eve Bédard

Cégep de Jonquière

Radio-Canada Middle East correspondent

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December 2017

Community Impact

Any example of colleges and institutes contributing to the success, security, or well-being of their community.

Amnesty International recognizes student work


Nova Scotia Community College Radio Television Journalism students win Amnesty International Canada Youth Media Award For their work to bring national attention to the issue of land titles in North Preston, Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Community College students Kristen Brown, Nic Meloney, Whitney Middleton and their fellow Radio Television Journalism (RTJ) students at the College’s Waterfront Campus, have been awarded the Amnesty…

Le Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles partagent les pratiques de ses campus en matière d’engagement communautaire avec des visiteurs provenant de 6 pays

Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles

de Radio-Canada : L’expertise développée au Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles pourrait s’exporter à l’international. Des visiteurs provenant de 6 pays sont de passage à Carleton-sur-Mer pour documenter les pratiques des campus régionaux en matière d’engagement communautaire. En savoir plus.

Yukon College Carpentry students helps expand community thrift store

Yukon College

The Anglican Church Thrift Store in Watson Lake will be one-half larger when it reopens this spring. The 780-square foot store has a 480 square foot addition. The construction was done entirely by students in the Skills for Employment Carpentry program run by the town’s Yukon College community campus. “We are extremely happy with the…

Centennial College Partnerships in Peru Impact Vulnerable Youth

Centennial College

Centennial College has worked in partnership with the Education for Employment (EFE) Project in Peru since February 2015.  Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) developed institutional partnerships between Peruvian technical institutes and Canadian colleges, institutes and polytechnics as part of the program. Centennial’s role in the project has included design and implementation of curriculum, strengthening of…

Community paramedics fulfill proactive role in the community

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

from the Prince Albert Daily Herald: A new program is seeing paramedics get out of the ambulance and into the community. Saskatchewan Polytechnic recently graduated the first class of Saskatchewan community paramedics. One of those first graduates is Sheldon Hirschfeld, an advanced care paramedic with Parkland Ambulance. He’s already out in the community, hoping his…

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