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January 2017

Art & Design Achievements

Any student achievement in fine art, literature, fashion, graphic design, music, or culinary arts; cool exhibitions, or design festivals organized by a college or institute etc.

Architectural Technologies students learn both building sciences and interior design at Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Architectural Technologies program incorporates interior design, building sciences, drafting methods, and geometry in a practical trades program. from Maclean’s: “Back in the ’70s they were known merely as draftsmen: people hunched over tables using pencils and mechanical tools to churn out blueprints for architects and contractors. But an evolutionary educational process has spawned…

George Brown College signs agreements with Design schools in Ireland and Italy

George Brown College

George brown college launches two exciting new opportunities for art & design students to further their education abroad, both with the Institute or Art, Design and Technology (IADT) in Ireland and with Politecnico di Milano in Italy. from the press release: “The creation of this opportunity is a significant announcement – not only for us,…

Durham College art instructor’s unique project invites the community to take part

Durham College

from The Oshawa Express: A single person’s life is filled with countless stories. Some of them happy, some of them sad, some exciting and other times tragic; for one local artist, those stories can be the gateway to something bigger, and she’s looking to channel that idea into her latest project. Dani Crosby, an Oshawa…

Vancouver Community College hair design grad finds dream job at Vancouver salon

Vancouver Community College

from the press release: “The one thing Jackie Penev knew she wanted to do after high school was play volleyball.  After graduating, she entered an education program at a local college and made the varsity team. Only a few months into the season, however, Jackie developed a severe throat infection that prevented her from playing…

Lethbridge College wins awards for its alumni and community magazine, Wider Horizons

Lethbridge College

from the press release: “Lethbridge College’s Advancement team received two awards on Friday in Seattle at the CASE District VIII 2017 Communication Awards ceremony. The winning submissions appeared in two different issues of Wider Horizons, the college’s alumni and community magazine that is distributed to nearly 40,000 people three times each year, and included: A gold…

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February 2017

International Success Stories

International outreach or development projects, partnerships abroad, research impacting other countries etc.

Algonquin sends students and faculty to Wanli University 

Algonquin College

A partnership established between Wanli University in Ningbo, China, and Algonquin College provided the opportunity for a synthesis of student and faculty experiences. The trip included a cultural experience for six Event Management students from Algonquin College during the first 10 days. The following two weeks included the delivery of FAE1328 Programming for Meetings and Conferences by Algonquin’s…

Algonquin College Language instructors take 200 international students on a celebration field trip 

Algonquin College

AC language instructors helped celebrate Languages Canada’s World Student Day by taking about 200 English for Academic Purposes International students to Ottawa’s first annual World Student Day event at Strathcona Park. EAP International Liaison Officer Sue Hodgins and Language Institute instructor Gabrielle Berube worked with Languages Canada to plan the event over several months, and Hodgins…

Enactus Lambton has creating a farming revolution in rural Zambia 

Lambton College

Since its inception January 6, 2012, the 315 Lambton College students involved with Enactus have brought new meaning to the words entrepreneurship and innovation. Through compassion, dedication, and humanity, Enactus Lambton has managed to create a farming revolution in the Zambian towns of Hufwa, Gaali, Kasaka and 45 surrounding villages with their inspirational One Seed…

The Michener Institute/ COSTAATT Partnership – A Clinical Visit Experience 

Michener Institute of Education at UHN

For over 18 years, The Michener Institute of Education at UHN has partnered with the College of Science and Technology of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) to deliver sonography training to radiographers and medical doctors across the island. The partnership with COSTAATT began as a collaboration between Wilma Collins and Cynthia Cowling, radiography colleagues at COSTAATT…

Les étudiants du Cégep Marie-Victorin en stage au Sénégal

Cégep Marie-Victorin

du communiqué de presse : « Accompagnés par Bernard Jobidon, enseignant au Cégep Marie-Victorin, huit étudiants en Design d’intérieur se sont envolés en destination du Sénégal afin de participer à un stage dont l’objectif est de réaliser conjointement un projet d’envergure de conception de maquettes. Un programme de formation de techniciens supérieurs en Architecture et Design d’intérieur est offert…

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March 2017

Green Spaces

Any sustainable classroom, clean-energy lab, carbon-reducing structure or initiative, or sustainable agriculture on campus or managed in conjunction with your institution etc.

In the face of rising energy costs, an embedded energy manager helps curb consumption and improve conservation

Fanshawe College

Energy conservation is a top priority for Fanshawe College, as it works to maximize its triple bottom line – the social, environmental and economic impact of the college. To ensure a bright future for its many stakeholders, Fanshawe is partnering with London Hydro through Ontario’s Save on Energy conservation programs powered by the Independent Electricity System…

High Performance Building Lab


New requirements for energy efficient housing and buildings require changes to existing building envelope design and construction techniques. In addition, construction in the coastal region of BC is sensitive to high moisture levels resulting in materials deterioration and failure. It is essential that construction technologists, designers, and builders are familiar with building envelope application technologies…

NSCC’s Centre for the Built Environment: blending environmental stewardship and technology

Nova Scotia Community College

Situated on Halifax Harbour—part of Nova Scotia Community College’s Waterfront Campus—is the LEED-, BOMA BESt Platinum- and Audubon-Certified Centre for the Built Environment (CBE). A 120,000 square foot, living research laboratory, the CBE blends the natural environment with the built environment; a unique concept for a trades and technology space. The CBE features large operable…

CNA studies invasive insects to protect Newfoundland ecosystems

College of the North Atlantic

from Maclean’s: The lily leaf beetle, with its shiny scarlet back, “is a cute little beetle,” admits Barry Hicks, who established the Applied Entomology Lab at the College of the North Atlantic (CNA) in 2008. But it’s a ravenous bugger, too. If your garden is full of lilies, “they will eat them right down to…

Kwantlen Polytechnic students raise money to provide solar power and light for communities in Africa

Kwantlen Polytechnic

from Richmond News: “They couldn’t get their collective minds around the concept of burying their heads in their books at night without having any proper light. And when they learned that impoverished African kids were getting injured while using gasoline to produce light for a few minutes of studying, a group of Kwantlen Polytechnic University…

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May 2017


Any scientific, technological, business, or social innovation developed on campus, in partnership with your institution, or facilitated by programming/incubators at your institution etc.

College of New Caledonia launches new dual Medical Imaging and Sonography program

College of New Caledonia

from My Prince George Now: In Prince George, a new medical sonography – also known as ultrasound – diploma program will take in its first batch of students in the fall of 2018. It will be linked with the school’s existing medical radiography diploma and will train 16 students per year. “We’ve always had more…

A ‘crackling’ prototype

Niagara College

Niagara College won’t go breaking any ‘hearts’ this Valentine’s Day. That’s because its Research & Innovation team has discovered a way to automate the process of cracking delicious heartnuts without breaking their heart-shaped shells or kernels! After a 20-year search for a mechanized ‘heartnut sheller,’ local industry partner Grimo Nut Nursery has found new hope…

Entrepreneurship Takes Off with the Lean LaunchPad program at Algonquin College

Algonquin College

A world-renowned pre-accelerator program, Lean LaunchPad is taught at over 200 universities worldwide, and back in February the team at Algonquin launched their very own version of the class. Although the AC version differed, in various ways, from the original, they both had at their core, the idea that participants ‘get out of the building’…

Okanagan College, UBC Okanagan collaborate on project to find housing for low-income populations

Okanagan College

from Global News: Housing for people with low-income or no income in Kelowna has proven to be a challenge but with the launch of a new website it may become easier to access. Ricky Lee has been homeless in Kelowna since November it hasn’t been an easy task looking for a place to call home.…

Okanagan College students win Inventathon prize with innovative ideas to tackle food security

Okanagan College

Three Okanagan College business students battled their way to first place at UBC Okanagan’s inaugural Inventathon and took home $600 in prize money for their innovative and socially conscious business idea, Refresh. Cameron Starcheski, Cooper Simpson and Darren Gillespie, all members of Okanagan College’s Enactus team, were joined by Jaren Larsen and Pablo Doskoch from…

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June 2017

Indigenous Inclusion

Any initiative taken by a college or institute to encourage post-secondary education in Indigenous communities, program directed toward Indigenous learners, or service offered to facilitate Indigenous culture and values on campus etc.

NBCCD Support the Creation of Mawi’art: Wabanaki Artist Collective


from Charles Gaffney, Department Head, NBCCD: In 2013, I had a vision regarding our graduating students of the Aboriginal Visual Arts (AVA) Program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD). How great would it be for them to transition from college to a supporting entrepreneurial environment that would enable them to refine their business…

JIBC officially opens its Aboriginal Gathering Place in New Westminster

Justice Institute of British Columbia

With a traditional Aboriginal ceremony, witnessing and the sharing of food, Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) celebrated the opening of its new Aboriginal Gathering Place at the New Westminster Campus on May 26, 2016. The new facility was funded by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and is dedicated to teaching, learning and exchange in…

Sault College partners to offer pathway from Anishinaabemowin certificate to Indigenous B.Ed

Sault College

from Sault Online: Reflecting Trent’s groundbreaking leadership in Indigenous education and commitment to offering pathway opportunities to assist students in making the transition from diploma to degree studies, Trent University has signed a new articulation agreement with Sault College, admitting graduates of the Anishinaabemowin certificate program to Trent’s new Indigenous Bachelor of Education program with…

NorQuest College connects Indigenous workers with careers in construction

NorQuest College

from The Edmonton Journal: Christopher Bernard is freshly married and ready to get back into the construction business. Helping him with the many certifications and training programs the industry requires is the Alberta Aboriginal Construction Career Centre at NorQuest College. The program aims to connect aboriginal workers with employers in the construction industry. Bernard said construction work gives him…

Langara College partnership helps Indigenous students access university education

Langara College

from Maclean’s: Last year, Nicole Cardinal, a 40-year-old married mother of two achieved a dream, transferring into the third year of the University of British Columbia’s First Nations studies program. She was one of 12 Indigenous students who broke educational barriers through a three-year pilot project devised by Langara College and UBC. That pilot project later turned into…

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July 2017

Programs of Interest

Any interesting/original program offered by a college or institute that we should celebrate.

Sustainable Urban Beekeeping

Humber College

The Humber Arboretum is now offering a series of courses and hands-on workshops that take a look at the opportunities and challenges associated with running a small-scale urban apiary, with a focus on native bees and sustainable hive management practices that build resilience in the colony.   View program

Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences (Information Systems Security)

Sheridan College

Sheridan’s Honours Bachelor of Applied Information Sciences (Information Systems Security) program provides outstanding preparation for a rewarding career in this rapidly growing field. Our one-of-a-kind degree program has a stellar reputation among employers.   View program

Technologie en radiation médicale

Collège Boréal

Ce programme en six étapes, comprenant des modules d’enseignement et des stages cliniques, a pour but de former les technologues en radiation médicale qui utilisent des rayons X pour produire des images radiographiques du corps humain.   View program

“Pathways to Shipbuilding” Indigenous Education and Apprenticeship program

Nova Scotia Community College

This cohort based pilot program integrates education, industry and community partnerships to develop a model that successfully creates pathways for Indigenous Canadians to enter the shipbuilding industry.  Over the course of the two-year program, participants will learn and work together, and be mentored and coached by community and industry supporters, including Indigenous employees working at…

Graduate Certificate in Complex Trauma & Child Sexual Abuse Intervention


The Graduate Certificate in Complex Trauma & Child Sexual Abuse Intervention provides a comprehensive understanding of the key theoretical and clinical approaches underlying best practices in the complex trauma field. An applied, experiential learning model means you will develop clinical skills in assessment, treatment planning, and clinical interventions that will enable you to work effectively…

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August 2017

Cool Spaces

Any unique student centre, work-integrated learning lab, technology classroom, production studio, or artistic space facilitating an innovative learning experience, mental health awareness, or skills development etc., or any update or addition to an existing space to make it more accessible.

The Offshore Safety and Survival Centre

Marine Institute

The Offshore Safety and Survival Centre (OSSC) offers a comprehensive range of safety and emergency response training courses to the offshore petroleum, marine transportation, fishing and land based industries. Training courses developed by the OSSC are subject to rigorous academic scrutiny. The majority of courses delivered at the centre are also accredited or approved by…

La Place

La Cité

Véritable carrefour de rencontres et d’échanges où l’innovation et la vitalité de La Cité rayonneront, La Place sera le point d’entrée du Collège grâce à sa technologie avant-gardiste, son espace incontournable axé sur la pensée créatrice et l’utilisation créative des technologies dans le monde des affaires. La Place deviendra un lieu de prédilection pour les…

The Solar Carport

Sheridan College

Construction is set to begin this summer at Sheridan’s Davis Campus in Brampton on what will be Canada’s largest solar carport.  The project came about after the college won a highly-coveted contract from the FIT (Feed-in Tariff) program run by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), which manages Ontario’s power system. The FIT program was…

Le Centre National en éléctrochimie et en Technologies Environnementales

Collège Shawinigan

Le CNETE a comme mandat, de réaliser des activités de recherche appliquée, d’aide technique et d’information à l’entreprise afin de contribuer à l’élaboration et à la réalisation de projets d’innovation et de développement de nouvelles applications technologiques, dans les domaines des bioprocédés, des technologies de séparation par membrane et de l’électrochimie. Au CNETE, la recherche…

Rocky Mountain Classrooms

College of the Rockies

When your campuses are located in the stunning BC Rocky Mountains, you take every opportunity to make your surroundings your classroom. At least you do if you’re College of the Rockies. The Mountain Adventure Skills Training (MAST) program, located at the College’s Fernie, BC campus, takes advantage of the region’s stunning mountains, lakes, rivers and…

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September 2017

What are your #150reasons?

You shared your #150reasons for choosing to work, study, teach and/or lead at your institutions with us – and here they are! Continue to Tweet @CollegeCan to share your #150reasons!

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October 2017


Any entrepreneur coming out of the college/institute system, program fostering entrepreneurship, incubator success, or business partnership with a college or institute etc.

NBCCD Alumna/Instructor Melissa LeBlanc: Characterizing Clay


Melissa LeBlanc has found what many of us aspire to have – an ideal balance. Two days of every week, she has her hands in the mud, conjuring expressive animal characters from blocks of inert clay. Three days of the week, she teaches in the Diploma in Ceramics at NBCCD, pulling the best and most…

NBCCD Metal Arts Student Rory Greythorn: Making Sweet Jewellery


Rory Greythorn has made a conscious decision to slow down his path in Jewellery/Metal Arts, and have a more “textured” experience.  Rather than rushing to get the basics, move on to the next learning project and putting “his eyes on the prize of the diploma”, Rory wants to build, explore and have time to absorb…

MHC student starts rock climbing business

Medicine Hat College

Dana McMahon has taken his passion for rock climbing and turned it into a full time company; OCD Adventures is geared towards providing climbers of all ages and abilities a chance to enjoy the less traveled paths of Crowsnest Pass. “The people I’m looking to take climbing are not the hard core climbers typically found…

La journée entrepreneuriale au Cégep Marie-Victorin

Cégep Marie-Victorin

Collégial en Affaires est un programme qui vise à propulser des initiatives à fort potentiel. Des ateliers et des exercices pratiques sont proposés afin de stimuler le leadeurship et favoriser la naissance de projets. La première activité permettra aux équipes d’élaborer une proposition entrepreneuriale originale qui sera présentée à un jury local. Les meilleures idées de…

Centennial College Centre of Entrepreneurship unveils new training programs for entrepreneurs and small business owners

Centennial College

from Exchange Magazine: The Centre of Entrepreneurship (CoE) at Centennial College has unveiled new training programs tailored for entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance in starting and growing a small enterprise. CoE’s Soft Landing program is intended for small Canadian companies that plan on expanding into the United States, or similarly, European firms interested in…

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November 2017

Outstanding Alumni

Any alumnus who is successfully contributing to Canada or Canada’s brand.

Martine Dugrenier

Vanier College

Olympic athlete

Janice Dean

Algonquin College

Television meteorologist

Tom Green

Algonquin College

Actor, comedian and producer

Cheryl Hickey

Fanshawe College

Television personality

Arnold Belkin

Emily Carr University

Painter and muralist

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December 2017

Community Impact

Any example of colleges and institutes contributing to the success, security, or well-being of their community.

Holland College tourism students learn while giving back to the community

Holland College

from CBC: Giving back to the community has become a part of the work in Holland College’s Travel and Tourism Management class. Instructor Jennifer Lawton says students who specialize in events coordination learn how to plan an event from start to finish with a focus on fundraising for local non-profits. “That is where they start planning an event, in…

Des étudiants en Techniques d’intervention en délinquance organisent une série d’activités pour les adolescents vulnérables

Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Iles

Campus de Carleton-sur-Mer ont récemment accompli, avec beaucoup de fierté, différentes activités leur fournissant des expériences de formation et d’animation préventives concrètes. S’affirmer, c’est s’apprécier! Dans le cadre du cours Approches et mesures préventives en délinquance, des étudiants de deuxième année ont organisé un atelier de prévention portant sur le thème de l’affirmation de soi.…

NB Heart Truth: Featured Fashion Designer Chavah Lindsay


Chavah Lindsay of Chavah Designs has the honour this year of being the only designer showcased in both of the premiere New Brunswick Fashion events this spring: The New Brunswick College of Craft & Design (NBCCD) Annual Fashion Show in Fredericton and the NB Heart Truth Red Dress Event in Moncton. Chavah is creating two…

The Queen Street Billboard Project


The new billboards on display in downtown Fredericton are designed to intrigue your sense of thought – they reframe the concept of how a typical billboard is used and showcase colourful eye-catching designs that each have a story to tell. This project flips the marketing norms to use billboards as exhibition space, and to give…

Selkirk College partners with Nelson CARES on annual Coldest Night of the Year fundraising event

Selkirk College

On February 25, people will take to the streets of downtown Nelson to increase awareness about homelessness in the community and raise funds to help continue renovations at Ward Street Place. There are two, five and 10 kilometre walks which give participants the opportunity to experience a few hours outside in the cold, a hint…

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