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January 2017

Art & Design Achievements

Any student achievement in fine art, literature, fashion, graphic design, music, or culinary arts; cool exhibitions, or design festivals organized by a college or institute etc.

Camosun College’s Comic Arts Festival celebrates the artistry of visual storytelling

Camosun College

Camosun College in Victoria, BC, delivers a nationally unique certificate program in Comics and Graphic Novels each year to approximately 30 students. The one-of-a-kind program was created for students who have a desire to learn the language of visual storytelling, and focuses on skills-based learning for six career paths: comic book creation (print & online),…

Emily Carr University artist and professor works to solve mystery of Tom Thomson’s death through clay facial reconstruction

Emily Carr University of Art + Design

from the Regina Leader-Post: “A hundred years ago this summer, the painter Tom Thomson died in Ontario’s Algonquin Park. His artistic legacy is unquestioned. Barely five years of serious painting during the First World War produced works, like The West Wind and Northern River, that still inspire the Canadian imagination of wilderness. His contemporary admirers…

GAME program partnership between Brock University and Niagara College teaches students about design and production of video games

Niagara College

from Erie Media: “It’s a nice problem to have. Brock University staff have been flooded by applications in a new program where students learn about the design and production of video games. The GAME program is a partnership between Brock and Niagara College. When it launched for its debut season in September, nearly 400 applications…

College of the North Atlantic student, alumna, and faculty member nominated for East Coast Music Association awards

College of the North Atlantic

from the press release: “Three people, three backgrounds, three awards. A College of the North Atlantic (CNA) student, alumna and faculty member will be contending for awards at the East Coast Music Association (ECMA) annual awards presentation, taking place in Saint John, New Brunswick this April. Leading by example, Sound Recording & Production instructor, Michelle…

Candace Sanderson: The Sculptor

Grande Prairie Regional College

Candace Sanderson did not give herself a ‘Plan B’ when she made the decision to pursue her creative passion full time in 2012. “I always knew I wanted to be an artist even from a young age,” says Sanderson in work boots, with bright eyes and her hair pulled back into a braid that falls…

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February 2017

International Success Stories

International outreach or development projects, partnerships abroad, research impacting other countries etc.

Durham College culinary students in Peru

Durham College

Three Durham College (DC) students gained international experience and perspectives on their chosen fields during a week-long visit to Peru. The trip was part of an institutional partnership between DC and the Centro Experimental de Formación Profesional (CEFOP), a technical and vocational college located in the city of Trujillo, Peru. Travelling with DC’s delegation of…

Humber’s Health Sciences Guatemala experience 

Humber College

The door to the makeshift clinic had just opened as a young Guatemalan woman appeared. In her arms was a child taking strained breaths. Without immediate emergency attention, the child wasn’t going to survive. Over 10 days in 2016, students in Humber’s School of Health Sciences conducted health assessments and provided care to almost 300 children living…

NorQuest College offers American Sign Language classes for newcomers to Canada

NorQuest College

from the press release: “It’s a first for Alberta and a game changer for deaf newcomers to Canada in the Edmonton region. On Monday, October 17, NorQuest College became the only post-secondary institution in the province to begin an American Sign Language (ASL) Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) class. “The goal is to…

Une étudiante lance une initiative pour aider les jeunes femmes au Malawi

Collège Vanier

du communiqué de presse :  « Alexandra Mota”, une étudiante du Collège Vanier, vient de lancer une initiative afin de promouvoir la présence à l’école et la réussite scolaire parmi les adolescentes au Malawi. Grâce à un projet en collaboration avec Lunapads, une entreprise en ColombieBritannique, Alexandra voyagera au Malawi en mars prochain afin d’approvisionner plusieurs centaines…

College of the North Atlantic – Qatar signs MoU on TVET and Sustainable Development in Qatar

College of the North Atlantic

from the Gulf Times: “The College of the North Atlantic — Qatar (CNA-Q) and the Qatar National Commission for Education, Culture and Science (QNCECS) signed a memorandum of understanding yesterday to work together on a number of projects and activities. The partnership will further the outreach, research, advocacy, and programming of Technical and Vocational Education…

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March 2017

Green Spaces

Any sustainable classroom, clean-energy lab, carbon-reducing structure or initiative, or sustainable agriculture on campus or managed in conjunction with your institution etc.

Humber College’s new building: A green gateway to North Campus

Humber College

When Humber College set out to build its new gateway to the North Campus, sustainability was at top of mind. The Learning Resource Commons – a 260,000 square-foot building – opened in 2015. The LEED Gold structure includes sustainable features such as 94 per cent construction waste diversion, a green roof, 100 kW of electricity from…

In the face of rising energy costs, an embedded energy manager helps curb consumption and improve conservation

Fanshawe College

Energy conservation is a top priority for Fanshawe College, as it works to maximize its triple bottom line – the social, environmental and economic impact of the college. To ensure a bright future for its many stakeholders, Fanshawe is partnering with London Hydro through Ontario’s Save on Energy conservation programs powered by the Independent Electricity System…

Centennial Pollinator Gardens

Centennial College

Pollinators, such as bees, butterflies, and other insects are responsible for two thirds of the food we eat, but they’re disappearing at alarming rates. With a diminishing number of pollen- and nectar-producing plants, a decrease in viable habitat and nesting sites, and an increase in invasive non-native plant and insect species, Centennial’s Environmental Student Society…

Fleming College launches new environmental planning program at Frost Campus

Fleming College

Building on its strong educational reputation in the environmental and natural resources field, Fleming College is launching a new post-graduate program aimed at preparing students for work in environmental and land use planning and integrated resource management. The Applied Planning – Environmental program focuses on sustainability in development projects for both urban and regional land use. An…

At John Abbott College, sustainability education is no longer an elective

Cégep John Abbott College

Located on the western tip of the island and surrounded by a vast natural habitat, the College’s grounds and campus instills in our students and staff a deeper appreciation of nature and the environment. Students and staff alike are fortunate to experience one of the most beautiful campuses in Quebec. The surroundings and the college’s buildings,…

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May 2017


Any scientific, technological, business, or social innovation developed on campus, in partnership with your institution, or facilitated by programming/incubators at your institution etc.

College of New Caledonia launches new dual Medical Imaging and Sonography program

College of New Caledonia

from My Prince George Now: In Prince George, a new medical sonography – also known as ultrasound – diploma program will take in its first batch of students in the fall of 2018. It will be linked with the school’s existing medical radiography diploma and will train 16 students per year. “We’ve always had more…

Ground-breaking Social Finance Pilot assists unemployed Canadians

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Canada has achieved an important milestone in its commitment to social financing for public good. The Government of Canada, private investors, and colleges and institutes are pushing the boundaries of social innovation and impact investing by implementing the first social finance project of its kind in Canada. As the key project intermediary Colleges and Institutes…

Red Deer College brings skills training to Montana First Nation through virtual-reality welding program

Red Deer College

Red Deer College was excited to host a partnership event today, celebrating the launch of the innovative Virtual Reality and Co-operative Trades – The Next Generation program. The program, which is possible thanks to a partnership between RDC, Montana First Nation and Worley Parsons Cord, offers Aboriginal learners the opportunity to develop the practical skills,…

Algonquin College Research Assistant Hired as Microsoft Student Evangelist 

Algonquin College

Under the tutelage of Algonquin’s Office of Applied Research and Innovation and working with industry partner Contextere, students Adesh Shah and Jack Garrard developed a ground breaking application targeted towards industrial work crews. Adesh Shah and Jack Garrard, who are enrolled in the Mobile Application Design & Development and Interactive Media & Design programs respectively,…

Laurentian and Cambrian collaborate to boost research and innovation in Northern Ontario

Cambrian College

Laurentian University and Cambrian College have formalized an agreement that facilitates the creation of collaborative partnerships and enables faculty, students, and staff at both institutions to pursue large-scale research projects – sharing professional expertise, facilities, equipment, and administrative services in order to boost innovation, productivity, and results. The aim is to harness the resources and…

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June 2017

Indigenous Inclusion

Any initiative taken by a college or institute to encourage post-secondary education in Indigenous communities, program directed toward Indigenous learners, or service offered to facilitate Indigenous culture and values on campus etc.

Parkland College builds partnerships with First Nations

Parkland College

This spring, 11 students from Peepeekisis First Nation in East Central Saskatchewan completed a Housing Maintenance/Introduction to Carpentry program held in partnership with Parkland College. The Housing Maintenance program benefits all parties involved. Partnerships are formed between the College and local First Nation communities, and students gain the confidence and skills needed to pursue further post-secondary…

Selkirk College Heavy Mechanical program students overcomes and gives back

Selkirk College

Overcoming obstacles on the way to a successful educational pathway is something the majority of post-secondary students can understand. A recent graduate on Nelson’s Silver King Campus knows what it’s like to stare into the face of adversity and triumph. As a residential school survivor, Selkirk College student Running Wolf has dealt with numerous challenges…

NAIT Aboriginal Youth Leadership program sponsored by Cenovus


Empowering Aboriginal Youth In 2011, NAIT partnered with Cenovus Energy and the Government of Canada to launch an outreach program for aboriginal youth. The Aboriginal Youth Leadership program was initially offered to 66 youth from the Dene Tha First Nation community located near High Level in Northern Alberta. Inspired by the pilot program’s success, Cenovus…

“The Workplace” Project: Real Training for the Real World

Parkland College

Over the past several years, Parkland College has partnered with File Hills Employment and Training Centre in Balcarres, SK to deliver a project called “The Workplace” to First Nations communities within the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council. “The Workplace” is a distinctive education and training program that simulates a work environment within the classroom.  Students…

Okanagan College to open new $40,000 Indigenous garden

Okanagan College

from INFOnews.ca:  Okanagan College will have a new addition to its Kelowna campus this summer – an Indigenous garden. The $40,000 garden will have a prominent location just north of the Centre for Learning Building, according to an Okanagan College media release, one of the busiest buildings for students and staff. The 6,000 square foot…

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July 2017

Programs of Interest

Any interesting/original program offered by a college or institute that we should celebrate.

Mobile Food Services Management

Mohawk College

Demand has significantly increased for food truck and other mobile food services. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge required to support existing mobile food service providers, as well as start their own venture in the mobile food space.   View program

Adventure Recreation and Parks Technician

Sault College

Unique in Canada, this two-year Adventure Recreation and Parks Technician program offers you a broad background in natural resource management, with quality instruction in three major areas of concentration: Parks, Adventure Recreation, and Travel & Ecotourism. Specialty courses in the parks field include Park Operations, Park Interpretation, and Park Protection.   View program

Indigenous Community Justice Program

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

The program will be uniquely offered from Indigenous perspectives and include partnerships with local Indigenous communities as well as with peoples throughout Turtle Island, which is the name given to North America by some Indigenous communities.   View program

Women Unlimited program

Nova Scotia Community College

The Women Unlimited programs are designed to assist diverse, unemployed and underemployed women in exploring, preparing for, obtaining, and maintaining employment in the trades and technology fields. These programs offer a continuum of services from career exploration, support during trades and technology training, transitional services to support women as they move into the trades and…

Artisan Distilling

Niagara College

Canada’s first and only Artisan Distilling program offers extensive hands-on training in an onsite, state-of-the-art Teaching Distillery to prepare graduates for employment in the expanding distillation industry.   View program

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August 2017

Cool Spaces

Any unique student centre, work-integrated learning lab, technology classroom, production studio, or artistic space facilitating an innovative learning experience, mental health awareness, or skills development etc., or any update or addition to an existing space to make it more accessible.

The Queen Street Billboard Project


The new billboards on display in downtown Fredericton are designed to intrigue your sense of thought – they reframe the concept of how a typical billboard is used and showcase colourful eye-catching designs that each have a story to tell. This project flips the marketing norms to use billboards as exhibition space, and to give…

The Equine Barns

Olds College

The Production Barn The production barn is where all the reproductive courses such as hand breeding and artificial insemination class take place. It is complete with 6 box stalls, breeding stocks, a breeding shed with a mount phantom and a tease wall. Upstairs is the loft where the production and breeding management students spend many…

The Ballast Control and Cargo Handling Simulator

Marine Institute

The ballast control simulator was commissioned in 1994. This simulator is used to replicate operations conducted in the ballast control room of an oil rig. The simulator is mounted on a two degree of freedom motion base and is supplemented by desktop trainers. Float-on/float-off vessels can also be simulated. The cargo handling simulator, also commissioned…

Schlegel Centre for Advancing Seniors Care

Conestoga College

The Schlegel Centre for Advancing Seniors Care focuses on education, workforce development and applied research to develop highly qualified personnel to improve the quality of life and care for Canada’s growing population of seniors. The Schlegel Centre is led by the CIHR/Schlegel Industrial Research Chair for Colleges (IRCC) in Seniors Care. This research chair is funded by the Natural…

The Production Studio

Portage College

Portage College’s Production Studio was created to serve faculty and staff creating e-learning interactive media or engaging videos for their online courses. The studio includes two private training booths with video editing and eLearning software, a white cyclorama wall with various backdrops, lighting, video, audio and photography equipment as well as an Instructional Media developer…

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September 2017

What are your #150reasons?

You shared your #150reasons for choosing to work, study, teach and/or lead at your institutions with us – and here they are! Continue to Tweet @CollegeCan to share your #150reasons!

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October 2017


Any entrepreneur coming out of the college/institute system, program fostering entrepreneurship, incubator success, or business partnership with a college or institute etc.

Dalen Landis is a man of many talents

Grande Prairie Regional College

As a photographer, landscape painter, custom tiler, videographer, music-festival organizer and now, professional beer brewer, Dalen Landis is not kidding when he says “I have my fingers in a few different pots.” This morning his fingers are busy filling kegs with fresh Redwillow Falls Amber Ale. A co-owner of Grain Bin Brewing, Landis has also…

Le Cégep Limoilou partage son expertise en entrepreneuriat-études avec le Sénégal

Cégep Limoilou

Le dynamisme du programme parascolaire d’Entrepreneuriat-études du Cégep Limoilou a attiré l’attention de la Fédération des cégeps qui a fait appel à Valérie Huppé, conseillère en entrepreneuriat au Cégep Limoilou, afin qu’elle apporte son expertise dans le démarrage d’un centre d’excellence en entrepreneuriat jeunesse au Sénégal. En soutenant l’entrepreneuriat-études, le nouveau centre d’excellence sénégalais vise…

Le Cégep Garneau lance un nouveau programme en démarrage d’entreprise

Cégep Garneau

de QuebecHebdo.com: Nouveauté pour la rentrée collégiale, le programme « Démarrage et gestion de son entreprise » est désormais crédité. Cette option unique offerte à l’École d’entrepreneuriat de Québec arrive à point pour les gens d’affaires de demain désireux de réaliser leur rêve dès aujourd’hui. Selon Robert Verville, conseiller en formation au Cégep Garneau, ce…

Amy Sullivan & Rachel Greenwood: Making Space for Clay


Good partnerships don’t grow on trees. You find them buried in the mud. Amy Sullivan and Rachel Greenwood are mud goddesses. Both have been making a living with their work since graduating from the NBCCD Ceramics Diploma in 2006. Both of their respective businesses, Amy Laloon Pottery & Greenwood Pottery, are well known in the Maritimes. Now they have partnered…

Georgian College and partners offer new business development program, SPROUT

Georgian College

from the Barrie Advance:   Barrie food entrepreneurs will have another opportunity to grow early next year. The city, in partnership with Georgian College and the Agri-Food Management Institute, will offer a new business development program designed to assist entrepreneurs with bringing their ideas to market. Registration opened this week and the program will run…

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November 2017

Outstanding Alumni

Any alumnus who is successfully contributing to Canada or Canada’s brand.

Norm MacDonald

Algonquin College

Stand-up comedian, writer, producer, and actor

Alex Janvier


Indigenous artist

Andrew Oye

Vancouver Island University


Bryan Perro

Collège Shawinigan

Children’s fantasy author

Brent Butt

Sheridan College

Actor, comedian, and writer

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December 2017

Community Impact

Any example of colleges and institutes contributing to the success, security, or well-being of their community.

Le Cégep de Sept-Îles lance un nouveau Centre d’entrepreneuriat et de valorisation des innovations (CEVI) afin d’offrir de nouveaux services aux entreprises de la région

Cégep de Sept-Îles

de Radio-Canada: Un nouveau Centre d’entrepreneuriat et de valorisation des innovations (CEVI) voit le jour au Cégep de Sept-Îles. Avec le CEVI, de nouveaux services seront offerts aux entreprises de la région ainsi qu’aux personnes souhaitant commercialiser une idée et lancer une entreprise. Les usagers pourront profiter de la veille stratégique, de la formation adaptée…

Entrepreneurship Takes Off with the Lean LaunchPad program at Algonquin College

Algonquin College

A world-renowned pre-accelerator program, Lean LaunchPad is taught at over 200 universities worldwide, and back in February the team at Algonquin launched their very own version of the class. Although the AC version differed, in various ways, from the original, they both had at their core, the idea that participants ‘get out of the building’…

Street Smart Chefs: Culinary Arts in the Community

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan’s national notoriety for good eats has been steadily growing over the past few years. With master chefs looking to call the prairie province home, it seems appropriate that Saskatchewan Polytechnic is home to an important training ground for the next generation culinary masters. The Culinary Arts program is led by long-time chef Derek Cotton…

NBCCD Support the Creation of Mawi’art: Wabanaki Artist Collective


from Charles Gaffney, Department Head, NBCCD: In 2013, I had a vision regarding our graduating students of the Aboriginal Visual Arts (AVA) Program at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD). How great would it be for them to transition from college to a supporting entrepreneurial environment that would enable them to refine their business…

Be the one fighting fires


Steve Oishi was working at the Big White Fire Department when the call came in of a car that had crashed head-on into a tree on the side of the road. On arrival, the fire crew found the dash had crumpled and pinned the driver inside. As a graduate of the pre-employment firefighter training program…

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