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January 2017

Art & Design Achievements

Any student achievement in fine art, literature, fashion, graphic design, music, or culinary arts; cool exhibitions, or design festivals organized by a college or institute etc.

NBCCD Alumna/Instructor Melissa LeBlanc: Characterizing Clay


Melissa LeBlanc has found what many of us aspire to have – an ideal balance. Two days of every week, she has her hands in the mud, conjuring expressive animal characters from blocks of inert clay. Three days of the week, she teaches in the Diploma in Ceramics at NBCCD, pulling the best and most…

George Brown College signs agreements with Design schools in Ireland and Italy

George Brown College

George brown college launches two exciting new opportunities for art & design students to further their education abroad, both with the Institute or Art, Design and Technology (IADT) in Ireland and with Politecnico di Milano in Italy. from the press release: “The creation of this opportunity is a significant announcement – not only for us,…

Northwest Community College receives donation of Indigenous art

Northwest Community College

from the press release: “It was a momentous event for First Nations Fine Arts students on December 8, 2016 when two carvings, crafted by Freda Diesing herself, were donated to the art studio at Northwest Community College. Donors Kelsey Wiebe (on behalf of her grandparents, Jim & Jane Christison) and Corey Bulpitt, presented a Wolf…

Vancouver Community College hair design grad finds dream job at Vancouver salon

Vancouver Community College

from the press release: “The one thing Jackie Penev knew she wanted to do after high school was play volleyball.  After graduating, she entered an education program at a local college and made the varsity team. Only a few months into the season, however, Jackie developed a severe throat infection that prevented her from playing…

Lethbridge College wins awards for its alumni and community magazine, Wider Horizons

Lethbridge College

from the press release: “Lethbridge College’s Advancement team received two awards on Friday in Seattle at the CASE District VIII 2017 Communication Awards ceremony. The winning submissions appeared in two different issues of Wider Horizons, the college’s alumni and community magazine that is distributed to nearly 40,000 people three times each year, and included: A gold…

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February 2017

International Success Stories

International outreach or development projects, partnerships abroad, research impacting other countries etc.

The Michener Institute/ COSTAATT Partnership – A Clinical Visit Experience 

Michener Institute of Education at UHN

For over 18 years, The Michener Institute of Education at UHN has partnered with the College of Science and Technology of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) to deliver sonography training to radiographers and medical doctors across the island. The partnership with COSTAATT began as a collaboration between Wilma Collins and Cynthia Cowling, radiography colleagues at COSTAATT…

Les 15 ans du Projet international en Sciences humaines au Cégep Marie-Victorin 

Cégep Marie-Victorin

Le programme de Sciences humaines, profil monde : Projet international, offert à Marie-Victorin, célèbre cette année ses 15 ans d’existence. Ce programme unique aura permis à plus de 325 étudiants de vivre une expérience enrichissante grâce à un séjour de trois mois dans un pays en voie de développement dont l’Inde, l’Indonésie, le Mexique, le Pérou,…

From Humber Students to Citizens of the World

Humber College

Education abroad is often a transformative experience, which helps students to alter their understanding of their place in the world. However, “without preparation, critical thinking or a basic sense of curiosity, students are ill equipped to see the world as the complex interaction of culture, environment and politics that can both create and address our…

Camosun President highlights life-changing partnership with Tanzanian technical college

Camosun College

With record numbers of international students arriving to begin their studies this fall, Camosun College is increasingly embracing a global perspective that brings mutual benefits through partnerships and opportunities for cross cultural learning. “One of the initiatives our international team is working on is having students attend Camosun from a larger number of countries and…

St Lawrence College students help Syrian newcomers

St Lawrence College

from My Prescott Now: “Students from St. Lawrence College will have the opportunity to teach Syrian newcomers about the Kingston transit system. The program is hoping that by learning the bus system, the newcomers can integrate more easily with the community and become self-sufficient. The program is made possible by Enactus SLC, a community outreach…

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March 2017

Green Spaces

Any sustainable classroom, clean-energy lab, carbon-reducing structure or initiative, or sustainable agriculture on campus or managed in conjunction with your institution etc.

CICan Intern honoured by her experience at GPRC

Grande Prairie Regional College

Kristine Elipse just finished the summer of her life, and can’t wait to head back home to Toronto, Ontario to share her experience with family and friends. The University of Toronto and Centennial College Environmental Science and Technology graduate spent the last six months working as a Research Intern for GPRC Research & Innovation’s Pollutants…

Okanagan College takes top awards for Best Environmental Initiative on campus

Okanagan College

Green technology took top nods at the 25th Tommie awards, with two Okanagan College projects recognized for their environmental innovation. One of the most advanced and sustainable trades training facilities in the world, the College’s new Trades Complex at the Kelowna campus landed top spot for Best Environmental Initiative at the Canadian Home Builders’ Association…

Le Cégep Garneau vise à réduire son empreinte écologique

Cégep Garneau

Le Cégep Garneau a lancé, le mardi 13 décembre, un important chantier qui vise à réduire l’empreinte écologique des milliers de personnes qui y étudient ou travaillent ! Le Plan de gestion des déplacements place l’établissement en tête de liste pour sa sensibilité aux enjeux environnementaux ! En cohérence avec le Plan de mobilité durable de la Ville de…

Testing photovoltaic reliability for a brighter future

Centennial College

Centennial College has been working on a solar module reliability project in tandem with electronics manufacturing giant Celestica, giving students a chance to get a more robust understanding of photovoltaic (PV) panel reliability. The initiative, funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), involves collecting real-time data to build models that…

BCIT’s Energy OASIS project


Given Canada’s size and the distances to travel, an environmentally sustainable transportation system has to provide electric vehicles the energy they need to move people and goods across this vast geography, without jeopardizing the reliability of our electric grid. Dr. Hassan Farhangi, director of the Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team, hopes that BCIT’s Energy OASIS project…

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May 2017


Any scientific, technological, business, or social innovation developed on campus, in partnership with your institution, or facilitated by programming/incubators at your institution etc.

JIBC develops fentanyl safety resource for first responders


With overdoses and fatalities stemming from fentanyl use reaching epidemic proportions, the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) has launched a fentanyl website for first responders. “First responders are currently adapting to the danger that fentanyl presents to their personal safety,” said Steve Schnitzer, director of the JIBC Police Academy. “The first step is improving our…

Red River College unveils new malt miso made from beer-brewing byproduct

Red River College

Red River College partnered with two local microbreweries today to unveil a new culinary invention — miso made from spent grain — at an event showcasing the College’s growing Culinary Research and Innovation program, and its impact on food creation in Manitoba. Partners from the province, federal government and industry were among the special guests at…

Des étudiants en architecture du Cégep de Rimouski créent des œuvres architecturales qui intègrent de la culture aquaponique

Cégep de Rimouski

de Radio-Canada: Les étudiants en architecture du Cégep de Rimouski seront appelés à utiliser la culture aquaponique qui y est développée pour embellir l’établissement. Une somme de 15 000 dollars sera mise à leur disposition pour créer, l’automne prochain, des œuvres architecturales qui intègrent la culture aquaponique. Le professeur en géographie, Jérôme Bossé, souhaite que ce projet…

Uncovering the mysteries off Nova Scotia’s shoreline

Nova Scotia Community College

from Maclean’s: Soaring over Nova Scotia’s rugged coastline, researcher Dr. Tim Webster and his team map the white ribbon—the near-shore sea bed between the land and deep ocean—helping to unlock the mysteries long-hidden there. As the only academic institution in Canada to own a topo-bathymetric Light Detection and Ranging (lidar) system, Webster’s work with Nova Scotia Community…

Saskatchewan Polytechnic to launch new Innovative Manufacturing program

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is offering 12 seats in its new Innovative Manufacturing program. Beginning September 2017 the two-year diploma program will be delivered at the Regina campus. Saskatchewan’s manufacturing sector identified the need for multi-skilled workers. The cross-discipline design of the proposed program provides students with a breadth of knowledge and skills, ranging from mechanical and…

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June 2017

Indigenous Inclusion

Any initiative taken by a college or institute to encourage post-secondary education in Indigenous communities, program directed toward Indigenous learners, or service offered to facilitate Indigenous culture and values on campus etc.

Algonquin College launches unique Indigenous cook pre-apprenticeship program

Algonquin College

A unique one-year program started this week for 20 pre-apprentices from across Canada. Over the next year, participants will learn the typical skills expected from a cook pre-apprenticeship, such as food theory, knife skills, classical kitchen language, and practical food preparation – the unique part of the program is how these skills are applied. Participants…

First Nations firefighters in Quebec graduate from JIBC firefighting programs

Justice Institute of British Columbia

The Justice Institute of British Columbia’s (JIBC) latest firefighter graduates hail from First Nations in northern Quebec and will now have the needed skills to respond to emergencies in their communities. The program, funded by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, began in July 2016 with JIBC’s Fire & Safety Division training members of the Kahnawake…

NorQuest College hosts first-ever Indigenous Achievement Ceremony

NorQuest College

A total of 83 self-identified Indigenous students completed certificate or diploma programs at NorQuest College in 2015-16. Of that number, approximately two dozen attended the achievement ceremony at Amiskwaciy Academy, and enjoyed the evening with family, friends, college staff, faculty and Elders, and honoured guests. An inspirational addition to the evening festivities was the Bull…

Cumberland College calendar promotes Indigenous art

Cumberland College

from the Melfort Journal: “A new calendar for 2017 is promoting the work of Indigenous artists young and old while also promoting education. The calendar was created by Cumberland College, who is partnering with the North East School Division. “We want to acknowledge and celebrate the work of our Indigenous students,” said Brenda Mellon, Manager…

Indigenous Skateboard Workshop

Sheridan College

In the summer of 2016, Sheridan’s Faculty of Animation, Art and Design partnered with Sheridan’s Centre for Indigenous Learning and Support to create a skateboard workshop for First Nations high school youth. The skateboards were created in Sheridan’s Furniture Studio and the workshop was led by faculty member Connie Chisholm. Now in its second year,…

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July 2017

Programs of Interest

Any interesting/original program offered by a college or institute that we should celebrate.

Graduate Certificate in Complex Trauma & Child Sexual Abuse Intervention


The Graduate Certificate in Complex Trauma & Child Sexual Abuse Intervention provides a comprehensive understanding of the key theoretical and clinical approaches underlying best practices in the complex trauma field. An applied, experiential learning model means you will develop clinical skills in assessment, treatment planning, and clinical interventions that will enable you to work effectively…

Powerline Technician/Power System Electrician Program

Lethbridge College

The Powerline Technician/Power System Electrician Program is a twelve-week extensive hands-on and theoretical training program in the utility electrical field related to overhead and underground distribution installations.   View program

Adventure Studies

Thompson Rivers University

TRU offers the finest and most extensive adventure studies training in the world. They create exceptional educational experiences to foster students’ physical, mental and emotional development so as to be of service to the global adventure industry.   View program

Technologie en radiation médicale

Collège Boréal

Ce programme en six étapes, comprenant des modules d’enseignement et des stages cliniques, a pour but de former les technologues en radiation médicale qui utilisent des rayons X pour produire des images radiographiques du corps humain.   View program

Urban Forestry – Arboriculture

Algonquin College

This is your first step into the elite world of Urban Forestry – Arboriculture! Arborists are tree experts, and trained in the art and science of planting, caring for, and maintaining individual trees in the urban environment. From the smallest sapling to the largest mature specimen, you will learn and implement techniques to plant, maintain…

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August 2017

Cool Spaces

Any unique student centre, work-integrated learning lab, technology classroom, production studio, or artistic space facilitating an innovative learning experience, mental health awareness, or skills development etc., or any update or addition to an existing space to make it more accessible.

Repair Café

Sheridan College

Reduce, reuse and recycle…plus repair! Recycling is not the solution. Repairing is a better option. If you have a broken household item and don’t know what to do with it, instead of throwing it out, consider to bring it to Sheridan’s next Repair Café. Sheridan is the first higher education institution in Canada hosting a…

Centre for Health & Wellness takes interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning

Camosun College

The new building will be designed for 21st century learning, provide a more interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning, and will deliver the most modern classrooms, with hands-on labs, simulation environments, support and collaboration spaces and medical equipment storage. It will bring together the majority of Camosun’s health and human service programming in one location which is…

The Land Sciences Centre

Olds College

The Land Sciences building is connected to the Greenhouses and Landscape Pavilion, and features (number) of classrooms, typically in use by Horticulture and Land & Environment Classes, as well as offices for faculty in those programs. The highlight of the Land Sciences Building is the atrium, a glass seating area filled with gorgeous vegetation.  The atrium occasionally hosts special events, as it…

Une borne de recharge électrique

Cégep Limoilou

Le Cégep Limoilou a installé cet hiver sa première borne de recharge électrique, mais pas n’importe quel type de borne. Celle-ci a la particularité d’être alimentée par nul autre que les panneaux solaires installés sur le toit vert du cégep depuis 2010! Une exclusivité qui fait du Cégep Limoilou le premier établissement postsecondaire à avoir…

The Production Studio

Portage College

Portage College’s Production Studio was created to serve faculty and staff creating e-learning interactive media or engaging videos for their online courses. The studio includes two private training booths with video editing and eLearning software, a white cyclorama wall with various backdrops, lighting, video, audio and photography equipment as well as an Instructional Media developer…

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September 2017

What are your #150reasons?

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October 2017


Any entrepreneur coming out of the college/institute system, program fostering entrepreneurship, incubator success, or business partnership with a college or institute etc.

Canadore College partners with local company to develop unique idea for drying out marijuana

Canadore College

from CBC: Sudbury-born Weston Sagle isn’t waiting for the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2018 to develop his unique idea for drying out, or ‘curing’ marijuana leaves. Sagle’s company Nugnerd is partnering with Canadore College in North Bay to develop his new product, the CureCap. The CureCap affixes to a mason jar, then, as humidity…

MHC student starts rock climbing business

Medicine Hat College

Dana McMahon has taken his passion for rock climbing and turned it into a full time company; OCD Adventures is geared towards providing climbers of all ages and abilities a chance to enjoy the less traveled paths of Crowsnest Pass. “The people I’m looking to take climbing are not the hard core climbers typically found…

Un premier concours entrepreneurial en développement durable au Cégep de Saint-Félicien

Cégep de Saint-Félicien

de L’Étoile du Lac : Le département des Techniques du milieu naturel du Cégep de Saint-Félicien a présenté la première édition du Concours entrepreneurial en développement durable le mercredi 1er février 2017, à la place centrale du Collège. Il s’agissait d’une première action s’inscrivant dans le cadre d’une initiative du projet d’éducation entrepreneuriale au Cégep…

Local entrepreneur expands herbal recipes in collaboration with NAIT


from the Edmonton Journal: Carrie Armstrong has a shop called Mother Earth Essentials (12318-111 Ave.), specializing in Indigenous-themed bath and body products, and tea. Now, the entrepreneur is poised to add a line of bottled cold tea to her brand, made with a carefully-researched and concocted herbal recipe developed in collaboration with NAIT. Visitors to the Taste of New tent,…

Photographer Kelly Baker: Telling Untold Stories


What do an anthropologist and a photographer have in common? A pure obsession with storytelling. Little wonder that Kelly Baker was drawn to pursue both career paths. In fact, before entering the photography program, she had already completed a PhD in Anthropology: “I went to school for a lot of years to become an anthropologist,…

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November 2017

Outstanding Alumni

Any alumnus who is successfully contributing to Canada or Canada’s brand.

Alan Desousa

Collège Vanier

Politician and city councillor

Brent Butt

Sheridan College

Actor, comedian, and writer

Andrew Oye

Vancouver Island University


Arthur Griffiths


Businessman and philanthropist

Geoff Aunger


Former Major League Soccer player

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December 2017

Community Impact

Any example of colleges and institutes contributing to the success, security, or well-being of their community.

Le Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue lance une Semaine pour la diversité sexuelle

Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Pour souligner la Journée internationale contre l’homophobie du 17 mai prochain (soit à trois jours de la fin de la session), le Cégep de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue, campus de Rouyn-Noranda, a décidé de devancer cet événement d’un mois afin de rejoindre davantage ses étudiants avant la fin des classes. « Nous croyons qu’il est primordial que notre milieu s’affiche comme une…

Future Ways of Living Cultural Celebration and Pop-Up Lab

George Brown College

The unique George Brown College Institute without Boundaries (IwB), a Toronto-based educational program and design studio, works to achieve social, ecological, and economic innovation through design collaboration. from George Brown College: “The Institute without Boundaries (IwB) was founded in 2003 by the School of Design at George Brown College, in consultation with Bruce Mau. The…

Capilano University and the Carnegie Community Centre

Capilano University

Capilano University has helped learners in Vancouver’s poverty-stricken Downtown Eastside gain the basic skills they need to improve their lives for more than 20 years. In partnership with the Carnegie Community Centre, Capilano University’s Community Development and Outreach department (CDO) runs the Carnegie Learning Centre in the Downtown Eastside with 55 volunteers. Instructors and volunteers…

Durham College art instructor’s unique project invites the community to take part

Durham College

from The Oshawa Express: A single person’s life is filled with countless stories. Some of them happy, some of them sad, some exciting and other times tragic; for one local artist, those stories can be the gateway to something bigger, and she’s looking to channel that idea into her latest project. Dani Crosby, an Oshawa…

Des étudiants en Techniques d’intervention en délinquance organisent une série d’activités pour les adolescents vulnérables

Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Iles

Campus de Carleton-sur-Mer ont récemment accompli, avec beaucoup de fierté, différentes activités leur fournissant des expériences de formation et d’animation préventives concrètes. S’affirmer, c’est s’apprécier! Dans le cadre du cours Approches et mesures préventives en délinquance, des étudiants de deuxième année ont organisé un atelier de prévention portant sur le thème de l’affirmation de soi.…

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