It’s Canada’s 150th birthday – Let’s celebrate!

CICan is embracing Canada’s 150th anniversary celebrations by showcasing member achievements across the country in a National Anthology. From Art & Design to Innovation and Indigenous Inclusion, this anthology is growing each month to highlight the never-ending ways colleges and institutes are driving Canadian prosperity.

The National Anthology compiles hundreds of college and institute success stories, green spaces, cool programs, and more!

CICan members across the country are hubs of innovation, diversity, inclusion, and entrepreneurship. In celebrating 150 years of Canadian history, we want to showcase examples of their success in a variety of sectors.

We sorted member submissions into amazing categories, with something new launching each month of Canada’s anniversary year. New submissions are still coming in everyday – be sure to check in for updates!

Take the time to explore each category and discover some of the ways colleges and institutes have contributed to making Canada one of the world’s strongest societies, embodying openness, respect and diversity.

Students at colleges and institutes are also some of the most creative in the country. On top of the National Anthology, we want to support student creativity with fundmy150 – a crowdfunding platform designed to support student projects that enhance community and campus life.

With fundmy150, students will be able to raise the resources they need to grow their projects and get new ideas off the ground through crowdfunding – examples include an arts and crafts program that needs a bit of money for supplies, or a student-designed adult colouring book with printing costs. Read more about this opportunity here.

Have a college and institute success story that we haven’t shared yet? Tell us about it!

Got an idea? Need some money? Crowdfund your project with fundmy150!