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Janvier 2017

Réalisations en matière d’art et de design

Réalisation d’étudiant en beaux-arts, dans le secteur de la mode, de la création graphique ou de la musique; exposition ou festival de design inhabituel organisé par votre collège ou institut etc.

University of the Fraser Valley launches “Bachelor of Arts 2.0”

University of the Fraser Valley

from the press release: “The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) is reshaping the venerable Bachelor of Arts degree, the foundation of many university graduates’ education. The new BA is linked to UFV’s key learning outcomes and emphasizes four core competencies as well as personal and social responsibility, and adds a mandatory online ePortfolio that highlights the…

Fanshawe collaborates on motion capture suit for Parkinson’s patients

Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology

Fanshawe College has collaborated with researchers at Movement Disorder Diagnostic Technologies Inc. (MDDT), a locally-based medical device company to create a prototype of a motion-capture suit and tremor arm sleeve to be used in the diagnosis and monitoring of Parkinson’s patients. MDDT collaborated with Fanshawe’s School of Design to create a prototype suit that can…

Hairdressing Fantasy Competition

North West College

North West College offers the full breadth of Adult learning opportunities, one of which is a pre-employment certificate program in Hairstyling, teaching students to perform techniques on hair, wigs, hairpieces, skin and nails. Each year, the Hairstyling students are challenged to compete in a Fantasy Competition. Judged by a panel of experts, students submit mannequins finished…

Former student at Emily Carr University on display at Heritage Hall in Vancouver

Emily Carr University of Art + Design

Paintings by Lan Yao, a former art student at Emily Carr University, on display at the Shiny Fuzzy Muddy show at Heritage Hall in Vancouver. from The Squamish Chief: “Squamish’s Lan Yao never really found the opportunity to produce art on her own time when she worked in 3D animation in Vancouver. But, in recent…

Kwantlen Polytechnic art exhibit explores Collective Unconscious

Kwantlen Polytechnic

from The Runner magazine: “Throughout the past few weeks, fourth-year art students have been exhibiting some of their work in the Arbutus gallery on the Surrey campus. The exhibit, Collective Unconscious, includes a number of powerful artworks ranging from oil paintings to sculptures, and offers a hint of what’s to come at the year-end grad…

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février 2017

Succès enregistrés à l’échelle internationale

Projet international de sensibilisation ou de développement, partenariats à l’étranger ou recherche touchant d’autres pays etc.

Algonquin College Mexican students meet Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Pena Nieto 

Algonquin College

Over the summer, Algonquin College hosted 68 students from Mexico, and they added a vibrant and exciting energy to our campus. While most Canadian students were away, working on their co-ops and summer jobs, these students were studying hard to improve their English and become better teachers of English back home. They brought with them…

Camosun President highlights life-changing partnership with Tanzanian technical college

Camosun College

With record numbers of international students arriving to begin their studies this fall, Camosun College is increasingly embracing a global perspective that brings mutual benefits through partnerships and opportunities for cross cultural learning. “One of the initiatives our international team is working on is having students attend Camosun from a larger number of countries and…

Niagara College students go the distance to make a difference in Honduras 

Niagara College

A group of 17 students from NC’s Practical Nursing, Dental Hygiene and Dental Assistant programs joined forces for an International Field Study in October, where they applied skills they gained in the classroom to help the underprivileged in Honduras. The students departed for Honduras on October 22, to work alongside the Hope Centre, a refuge…

International Outreach and Student Development at Cambrian College

Cambrian College

Students and faculty at Cambrian are invested in contributing to the betterment of communities both locally and abroad. In conjunction with volunteer organizations and local health providers, students in Cambrian’s Health Sciences programs have travelled to Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, India, Peru, and Vietnam to learn about global health challenges and to harness their skills…

From Humber Students to Citizens of the World

Humber College

Education abroad is often a transformative experience, which helps students to alter their understanding of their place in the world. However, “without preparation, critical thinking or a basic sense of curiosity, students are ill equipped to see the world as the complex interaction of culture, environment and politics that can both create and address our…

Votre collège ou institut, a-t-il une histoire à partager ?

Aidez-nous à réaliser notre objectif de mettre en vedette 150 histoires inspirantes des collèges et instituts de partout au Canada.


mars 2017

Espaces verts

Salle de classe de conception durable, laboratoire utilisant de l’énergie propre, structure ou initiative réduisant les émissions de gaz à effet de serre ou projet d’agriculture durable auquel participe votre collège ou institut.

Selkirk College Integrated Environmental Planning Program students offer expertise to communities

Selkirk College

from the press release: Integrated Environmental Planning Program students have explored a diverse range of areas for the City of Nelson and are now entering the stage of public input. An open house was held on March 13 at Mary Hall on the Tenth Street Campus to update residents and gather feedback. Draft versions of…

Le Cégep de Victoriaville annonce la sortie d’une nouvelle recherche sur le transfert d’entreprise agricole

Cégep de Victoriaville

Le Centre d’innovation sociale en agriculture (CISA) du Cégep de Victoriaville est fier d’annoncer la sortie d’une recherche inédite portant sur le transfert d’entreprise agricole à une relève non apparentée. Alors que la relève agricole familiale se fait de plus en plus rare, certains agriculteurs font le choix de transmettre leur ferme à une relève…

Algonquin College Perth Campus Rural Living Lab

Algonquin College

Algonquin College’s Office of Applied Research and Innovation and the Perth Campus’s Construction Carpentry-Advanced Housing program have collaborated in the construction of a cutting-edge, sustainable, energy efficient Residential Living Lab that will become a permanent fixture of the Perth Campus. Elements of the building’s sleek design, prepared by GRC Architects Inc., were inspired by students…

Yukon College teams up with local First Nation to create a source of sustainable food in the north

Yukon College

from Maclean’s: Close your eyes and imagine you’re standing in the fertile earth of a farmer’s field. It smells healthy and rich. You see harvested rows of large, perfect potatoes and orange carrots lying in the soil like nuggets of gold. It’s such good land, in fact, that it’s now home to one of the…

Sask Polytech helps with oil spill clean up

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

After 250,000 litres of crude oil and other material leaked into the North Saskatchewan River in July, the whole province, with consultants and experts from across Canada joined together to lend their expertise. One of those experts was Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s School of Natural Resources and Built Environment aquatics instructor, Darcy Lightle. “As an environmental consultant,…

Votre collège ou institut, a-t-il une histoire à partager ?

Aidez-nous à réaliser notre objectif de mettre en vedette 150 histoires inspirantes des collèges et instituts de partout au Canada.


Soumettez un projet

Avec monfonds150, le sociofinancement permettra de fournir aux étudiants les modestes ressources dont ils ont besoin pour poursuivre leurs projets et pour lancer de nouvelles idées. Par exemple, un peu d’argent pour acheter du matériel pour un programme d’arts et d’artisanat ou un peu d’aide pour défrayer les frais d’impression d’un livre à colorier pour adultes créé par les étudiants. Il s’agit d’une occasion de soutenir les idées créatrices des étudiants tout en redonnant à la communauté. Passez le mot sur vos campus, dans les clubs, au gym, entre les cours, dans les associations étudiantes, bref, partout et n’importe où, pour faire connaître cette excellente occasion!

mai 2017


Innovation scientifique, technologique, commerciale ou sociale élaborée dans votre établissement ou en partenariat avec lui, ou facilitée par une programmation/des incubateurs mis en place dans votre établissement etc.

Students find success at WorldSkills Competition

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Two students put their skills to the test and showed the world that an education from Sask Polytech cultivates success at the WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi earlier this month. Kyla Henry, from Regina, tied for 6th and brought home a Medallion of Excellence in the Graphic Design Technology competition against 28 competitors. Daniel Nelson, also…

Lethbridge College partnership helps brings new “poultryponics” approach to vegetable and egg production to life

Lethbridge College

from Blackburn News: A revolutionary new approach to combine vegetable and egg production is being set up in the Northwest Territories. Treena Hein of Farm Credit Canada reports that a Hay River facility may be the first of its kind in the world to employ “Poultryponics”. Polar Egg and AgriArctic have combined efforts with staff…

From COGS to NASA: NSCC grad a world-wide expert and advocate for free and open geospatial sharing

Nova Scotia Community College

When a business gets a call from NASA, it’s a big deal. When that business is being asked to teach some of NASA’s brightest minds, it’s galactic. That’s exactly what happened to Jeff McKenna, a 2003 graduate of NSCC’s Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS). In the fall of 2012, NASA reached out to Gateway Geomatics, the company Jeff owns,…

Cross-country skier develops new “ski claw” device with help from Cold Climate Innovation program at Yukon College

Yukon College

from CBC news:   Whitehorse cross-country skier Doug Hitch is pitching a new device he says is a big step forward for the winter pastime. Hitch has invented what he’s named “ski claws”. They are metal claws permanently attached to skis. They’re engaged with a little kick, and give a skier more grip when climbing hills. On a level,…

416 Automation works with Humber to create the SeatBOT

Humber College

Through a collaboration with industry partner 416 Automation Inc., Electromechanical Engineering Technology students Theodor Willert and Joshua Donnelly-Robertson took on an innovative project that let them do just that. The students worked with 416 Automation and Humber faculty members Neal Mohammed and Mohammad Al-Rady to design and build an automated, robotic technology that can test…

Votre collège ou institut, a-t-il une histoire à partager ?

Aidez-nous à réaliser notre objectif de mettre en vedette 150 histoires inspirantes des collèges et instituts de partout au Canada.


juin 2017

Inclusion de la population autochtone

Initiative prise par votre établissement pour encourager l’éducation postsecondaire dans les collectivités autochtones; programmes conçus à l’intention d’apprenants autochtones ou services offerts pour favoriser l’expression de la culture et des valeurs autochtones dans votre établissement etc.

Okanagan College begins second intake of job skills program for Indigenous students

Okanagan College

from BC Local News: With strong demand for construction trades workers, Okanagan College is offering a second intake of a program designed to help aboriginal students build job site skills, gain apprenticeship training and get on the fast track to employment. Construction craft worker aboriginal bridging runs from Sept. 12 to Dec. 16 and it…

Selkirk College Heavy Mechanical program students overcomes and gives back

Selkirk College

Overcoming obstacles on the way to a successful educational pathway is something the majority of post-secondary students can understand. A recent graduate on Nelson’s Silver King Campus knows what it’s like to stare into the face of adversity and triumph. As a residential school survivor, Selkirk College student Running Wolf has dealt with numerous challenges…

JIBC officially opens its Aboriginal Gathering Place in New Westminster

Justice Institute of British Columbia

With a traditional Aboriginal ceremony, witnessing and the sharing of food, Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) celebrated the opening of its new Aboriginal Gathering Place at the New Westminster Campus on May 26, 2016. The new facility was funded by the BC Ministry of Advanced Education and is dedicated to teaching, learning and exchange in…

New program from KPU addresses cultural knowledge and justice issues within Indigenous communities

Kwantlen Polytechnic

A first-of-its-kind Indigenous studies program launching this fall at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) will focus on community and justice. KPU aptly announced its new minor in Indigenous community justice program on National Aboriginal Day. “My hope is that this minor will play a role in honouring, acknowledging, and respecting Indigenous peoples,” said criminology instructor Dr.…

Saskatchewan Polytechnic unveils Truth and Reconciliation display

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic celebrates National Aboriginal History month with unveiling of Truth and Reconciliation Commission reports Eugene Arcand, a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Indian Residential School Survivor Committee, spoke at Saskatchewan Polytechnic about the importance of Truth and Reconciliation. A set of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission reports donated by Arcand to Sask…

Votre collège ou institut, a-t-il une histoire à partager ?

Aidez-nous à réaliser notre objectif de mettre en vedette 150 histoires inspirantes des collèges et instituts de partout au Canada.


juillet 2017

Programmes d’intérêt particulier

Programme d’intérêt particulier ou unique qui mérite d’être célébré.

Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking

Capilano University

The Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking (IIDF) program, formerly Aboriginal Film & TV Production Training program, at the Bosa Centre has been providing basic production training for Aboriginal students since the spring of 2000.   Voir le programme

Geographic Sciences

Nova Scotia Community College

This program gives you the foundation you need to start a successful career in geographic sciences. In the first year, you learn the basics of geographic sciences, how to use geomatics tools and technology (e.g., Global Positioning Systems [GPS], Geographic Information Systems [GIS], remote sensing) and you explore the individual disciplines and their interdependence.  …

Mobile Food Services Management

Mohawk College

Demand has significantly increased for food truck and other mobile food services. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge required to support existing mobile food service providers, as well as start their own venture in the mobile food space.   Voir le programme

Lean LaunchPad program

Algonquin College

Brought to you by Algonquin College’s Applied Research department, in conjunction with the IgniteAC Centre, Lean LaunchPad is the world’s premier pre-accelerator program, taught at over 200 universities worldwide.   Voir le programme

Energy Sustainability Engineering Technology (ESET)

Nova Scotia Community College

This program prepares you to meet the growing needs of employers in the rapidly expanding field of alternative energy, sustainability and energy systems management. You’re involved in energy auditing and modeling of existing conventional heating and lighting systems, as well as specifying energy efficiency improvements for residential and commercial buildings.   View program

Votre collège ou institut, a-t-il une histoire à partager ?

Aidez-nous à réaliser notre objectif de mettre en vedette 150 histoires inspirantes des collèges et instituts de partout au Canada.


août 2017

Lieux inhabituels

Centre étudiant unique, laboratoire d’apprentissage en milieu travail, classe de technologie, studio de production ou lieu d’expression artistique favorisant une expérience d’apprentissage novatrice, une sensibilisation à la santé mentale ou un perfectionnement des compétences etc., ou une modernisation ou amélioration d'une espace existante pour la rendre plus accessible.

VIU’s Aboriginal Outdoor Classroom

Vancouver Island University

At Vancouver Island University (VIU), members of the Outdoor Education Committee are aiming to create an Aboriginal outdoor classroom on campus where students will learn to become responsible stewards of their environment by becoming familiar with nature and developing the attitudes, values, and skills necessary to participate in resource stewardship. The Outdoor Classroom revolves around an interdisciplinary approach infused…

The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment

Fleming College

Fleming College’s CAWT is located in Lindsay, Ontario (Canada) at the Frost Campus of Fleming College and forms a top-notch teaching facility for students in Fleming’s School of Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences. CAWT’s mandate extends to student training through the Environmental Technology program at Fleming and to technology transfer with partners and the public. The CAWT…

The Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources

Marine Institute

The Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources (CSAR) promotes the sustainable development of the aquatic resources through collaborative industrial research and development, technology transfer and education services to the global fishing industry. The primary testing facility for CSAR is the Marine Institute’s flume tank. With its sophisticated video recording, computer software, sensor equipment and special features,…

The Centre for Food

Durham College

The Centre for Food (CFF) is Durham Region’s first-ever post-secondary presence focused on the field-to-fork concept, which is based on the harvesting, storage, processing, packaging, sale and consumption of food – in particular the production of local food for local consumers. Durham College has adopted this concept and applied it to a diverse range of…


Cégep Marie-Victorin

Organisation à but non lucratif, Vestechpro consigne dans son ADN l’esprit d’une collaboration ouverte catalysant des alliances solides avec les centres collégiaux de transfert technologique et les partenaires de la recherche et de l’innovation à travers le Québec. Ses activités s’inscrivent également dans la suite logique de l’expertise en mode développée par le Cégep Marie-Victorin…

Votre collège ou institut, a-t-il une histoire à partager ?

Aidez-nous à réaliser notre objectif de mettre en vedette 150 histoires inspirantes des collèges et instituts de partout au Canada.


septembre 2017

Quelles sont vos #150raisons ?

Vous avez partagé avec nous vos #150raisons pour lesquelles vous avez choisi de travailler, d’étudier, d’enseigner dans votre établissement ou d’y exercer un rôle d’encadrement – et les voilà ! Continuez de tweetez @CollegeCan pour partager vos #150raisons avec nous!

Votre collège ou institut, a-t-il une histoire à partager ?

Aidez-nous à réaliser notre objectif de mettre en vedette 150 histoires inspirantes des collèges et instituts de partout au Canada.


octobre 2017


entrepreneur issu du système des collèges et instituts; programme favorisant l’entrepreneuriat, succès d’un incubateur mis en place par votre collège ou institut ou d’un partenariat noué avec lui etc.

Niagara College continues to grow youth entrepreneurship activities year after year

Niagara College

Brock University and Niagara College will continue to facilitate youth entrepreneurship after successfully managing the Kick-Starting Entrepreneurship program and ncTakeOff hub for the last two years. Both institutions received renewed, joint funding through the On-Campus Entrepreneurship Activities (OCEA) program, an initiative of the Government of Ontario under the Youth Jobs Strategy and managed by Ontario…

A Capilano University business and a design grad fashion the best raincoat

Capilano University

A fruitless three-month search for a stylish raincoat made Mike Cerka and his longtime friend and roommate Tyler Quarles realize there was a dearth of chic yet functional dry wear options in one of the rainiest cities in the world. So Cerka, a graduate from Capilano University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, and Quarles,…

Fredéric Laforge, un entrepreneur créatif!


Dans le cadre de la Semaine de la petite et moyenne entreprise, mieux connue sous le nom de PME, le CCNB souligne le cheminement de Fredéric Laforge, un diplômé du CCNB qui fait les manchettes depuis un certain temps. M. Laforge est le co-fondateur et propriétaire du Farmers’ Truck, un marché mobile qui vend des…

George Brown College Enactus team helps women in St Lucia become entrepreneurs

George Brown College

George Brown College’s Enactus team aims to improve communities through entrepreneurial projects and the effects of its work are being felt far beyond Toronto. In 2015, members of Enactus George Brown – a volunteer team of business students and faculty – established a program called Girls Going Forward in St. Lucia. The program, run out of a library in…

NBCCD Metal Arts Student Rory Greythorn: Making Sweet Jewellery


Rory Greythorn has made a conscious decision to slow down his path in Jewellery/Metal Arts, and have a more “textured” experience.  Rather than rushing to get the basics, move on to the next learning project and putting “his eyes on the prize of the diploma”, Rory wants to build, explore and have time to absorb…

Votre collège ou institut, a-t-il une histoire à partager ?

Aidez-nous à réaliser notre objectif de mettre en vedette 150 histoires inspirantes des collèges et instituts de partout au Canada.


novembre 2017

Anciens étudiants d’exception

Ancien étudiant qui apporte une contribution fructueuse au Canada ou à l’image de marque du Canada.

Louis Garneau

Cégep de Sainte-Foy

Coureur cycliste et homme d’affaires

George Stroumboulopoulos

Humber College

Personnalité audiovisuelle

Norm MacDonald

Algonquin College

Comique, écrivain, producteur et acteur

Joni Mitchell



Louise Richer

Collège de Maisonneuve


Votre collège ou institut, a-t-il une histoire à partager ?

Aidez-nous à réaliser notre objectif de mettre en vedette 150 histoires inspirantes des collèges et instituts de partout au Canada.


decembre 2017

Influence à l’échelle locale

Collège ou institut qui contribue à la réussite, à la sécurité ou au bien-être de sa communauté.

Students at NSCC make a real difference


Difference Dollars for Service Learning supports 27 student-led community-based projects Clad in chest waders, their life jackets and waterproof gloves, Emma-Leigh Dondale and her classmates prepare to wade into the frigid lakes and wetlands monitored by the Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute. The second year Natural Resources Environmental Technology students from Nova Scotia Community College‘s Lunenburg Campus are installing floating platforms they…

Have Whisk, Will Travel: Culinary Arts in the Community

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is home to an important training ground for the next generation of Saskatchewan’s culinary masters. The Culinary Arts program, offered at the Saskatoon campus, is led by program head and long-time chef Derek Cotton and teaches students ‘a little bit of everything’ in the culinary world. “Our program is designed to prepare students…

Many Hands marks two decades of community impact

Niagara College

from Niagara This Week: A lot has changed over the years but, then again, much has stayed the same. Since its inception 20 years ago, Niagara College’s Many Hands Project has grown immensely in scope from a humble build of a few sheds and gardens at All People’s Daycare in Welland with a budget of…

Langara students pen the memoirs of local Holocaust survivors

Langara College

In Fall 2016, Langara launched Writing Lives: the Holocaust Survivor Memoir Project. Writing Lives is a one-time two-semester project at Langara College, coordinated by English instructor Dr. Rachel Mines, in which second-year students are connected with local Holocaust survivors to interview them and write memoirs of their lives before, during and after the Holocaust. An interdisciplinary initiative, the…

Amnesty International recognizes student work


Nova Scotia Community College Radio Television Journalism students win Amnesty International Canada Youth Media Award For their work to bring national attention to the issue of land titles in North Preston, Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Community College students Kristen Brown, Nic Meloney, Whitney Middleton and their fellow Radio Television Journalism (RTJ) students at the College’s Waterfront Campus, have been awarded the Amnesty…

Votre collège ou institut, a-t-il une histoire à partager ?

Aidez-nous à réaliser notre objectif de mettre en vedette 150 histoires inspirantes des collèges et instituts de partout au Canada.