Algonquin College Perth Campus Rural Living Lab

Algonquin College

Algonquin College’s Office of Applied Research and Innovation and the Perth Campus’s Construction Carpentry-Advanced Housing program have collaborated in the construction of a cutting-edge, sustainable, energy efficient Residential Living Lab that will become a permanent fixture of the Perth Campus. Elements of the building’s sleek design, prepared by GRC Architects Inc., were inspired by students in the Green Architecture program.

Second-year Construction Carpentry-Advanced Housing students, under the expert guidance of their professors, applied their training to the building’s construction. They oversaw the build right from footings to finishes, with help along the way from their peers in the Masonry-Heritage and Traditional, and Carpentry and Joinery-Heritage programs.

Modern technologies are re-shaping the building industry, and Algonquin College is at the forefront. Even as it was being built, the Residential Living Lab provided opportunities for students to learn and innovate through experiential learning. Algonquin students applied principles of sustainability and energy efficiency to the Residential Living Lab with the goal of achieving a carbon-neutral building. They looked for innovative construction materials and technologies to increase the efficiency of the building. Throughout the build, data was collected and the findings communicated to local construction partners to help them make evidenced-based decisions for future sustainable design choices.

Made possible in part through the generous support of Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), this facility will become a hub where students, faculty and industry partners can conduct applied-research projects and drive innovation in the construction sector. The Perth Campus’s Office of Applied Research and Innovation will be based out of the Residential Living Lab once it is completed. The lab will be equipped with technology and equipment, such as 3D printers, that will facilitate further applied research projects.

Construction of the Rural Living Lab is in the final stages and will be completed by spring of 2017.

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