Algonquin sends students and faculty to Wanli University 

Algonquin College

A partnership established between Wanli University in Ningbo, China, and Algonquin College provided the opportunity for a synthesis of student and faculty experiences.

The trip included a cultural experience for six Event Management students from Algonquin College during the first 10 days. The following two weeks included the delivery of FAE1328 Programming for Meetings and Conferences by Algonquin’s Event Management faculty to second-year business students at Wanli University majoring in Exposition Management.

“Putting into words my experience on our trip to China is truly difficult, for there are no words to describe how amazing it was,” said Stephanie Shaw, an Event Management alumna and participant in this project.

The trip overall was an immense success. Not only did Wanli faculty get the opportunity to observe Algonquin’s approach to teaching but it provided six Algonquin College Event Management students the opportunity to work co-operatively with students from another country to plan and execute a marketing event.

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