Amnesty International recognizes student work


Nova Scotia Community College Radio Television Journalism students win Amnesty International Canada Youth Media Award

For their work to bring national attention to the issue of land titles in North Preston, Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Community College students Kristen Brown, Nic Meloney, Whitney Middleton and their fellow Radio Television Journalism (RTJ) students at the College’s Waterfront Campus, have been awarded the Amnesty International Canada Youth Media Award.

“I’m sure I can speak on behalf of my entire class and say it feels great to receive this honour,” says Kristen. “There’s something to be said about student journalism and the impact it can have on a much larger scale outside of the classroom.”

The Amnesty Canada Media Awards honour journalists for outstanding human rights reporting. The Youth Media Award specifically honours students who have covered international or national human rights issues and places emphasis on how these issues impact young people.

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