An Early Learning Childhood Practicum in Guyana from Bow Valley College

Bow Valley College

As with many programs at Bow Valley College, the Early Learning and Child Care Certificate program offers students to opportunity to put their knowledge into practice overseas through International Practicums. For this particular program, students in 2015, 2016, and soon students from 2017 will be working with schools and communities in Guyana!

Working in Guyanese communities provides learners with the opportunity to make a difference in a unique and exciting way. Depending upon the location and needs of the community, learners engage in a variety of activities that draw on their educational training and creativity in using what they’ve learned to support children and families in very diverse settings.

The Early Learning and Child Care program at Bow Valley College stresses the importance of the co-construction of knowledge with students, building curriculum together to support the lived experiences of all students, and through the unique and innovative international practicum, students have the opportunity to contrast the experience of co-constructing knowledge in Guyana with their school experience in Calgary.

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