Architectural Technologies students learn both building sciences and interior design at Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Architectural Technologies program incorporates interior design, building sciences, drafting methods, and geometry in a practical trades program.

from Maclean’s:

“Back in the ’70s they were known merely as draftsmen: people hunched over tables using pencils and mechanical tools to churn out blueprints for architects and contractors. But an evolutionary educational process has spawned architectural technologists, endowed with skills in computer-assisted design (CAD) software, a deeper knowledge of the national building code, and more building science comprehension than ever before.

“We like to refer to ourselves as CAD monkeys,” says Crystal Bueckert, a 2008 graduate of Saskatchewan Polytechnic who started Bldg Studio Inc. in 2010 and now does about 85 projects a year, mostly designing sustainable residential infill homes and small commercial buildings. She also launched a subsidiary company called Laneshed, designing and building stylish modular “sheds” that can be used as backyard studios, nap rooms or even guest rooms.

The program, which costs about $18,700 over the three years, covers a daunting list of subjects: fundamentals of residential building materials, interpreting building codes, manual and CAD drafting methods, algebraic and geometry skills, and plenty more. Other AT programs across the country either don’t have co-op programs or have short ones, but Saskatchewan Polytechnic students must do three four-month (paid) work stints at architectural firms, construction companies, or home building firms.”

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