At John Abbott College, sustainability education is no longer an elective

Cégep John Abbott College

Located on the western tip of the island and surrounded by a vast natural habitat, the College’s grounds and campus instills in our students and staff a deeper appreciation of nature and the environment. Students and staff alike are fortunate to experience one of the most beautiful campuses in Quebec. The surroundings and the college’s buildings, especially the Anne-Marie Edward Science Building, provide several opportunities to learn about environmental responsibility outside the classroom.

In celebrating and promoting sustainability, John Abbott College (JAC) is promoting an education that balances autonomy and responsible citizenship as well as a respect for the natural environment and the diversity of communities. Through academic programs, the environmental studies certificate, student clubs and activities and employee projects, JAC is informing, educating, introducing and integrating sustainable practices throughout the College’s landscape.  Students and staff alike are learning to shift their thinking in terms of sustainability and the environment.

In August 2012, the Anne-Marie Edward Science Building (AME) held its first classes. Born from the need to resolve a space deficit and the need to modernize aging science and technology equipment, the LEED Gold Certified building has become central in the last four years to the promotion of sustainability in the College. Built around a centuries-old Gingko tree, the layout of the building emulates the branches of this tree and is designed to encourage interaction among students and faculty.  There are informal and formal learning spaces on each floor and benches and spaces throughout the building promote spontaneous discussions and interactions.  The staircase, atrium and open spaces were designed to link departments and create interaction zones.

Many of the principles applied to the construction of this building have been carried over to our many renovation projects throughout the remainder of the college and many academic activities have also been developed to further support sustainability education.

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