Canadore College partners with local company to develop unique idea for drying out marijuana

Canadore College

from CBC:

Sudbury-born Weston Sagle isn’t waiting for the legalization of recreational marijuana in 2018 to develop his unique idea for drying out, or ‘curing’ marijuana leaves.

Sagle’s company Nugnerd is partnering with Canadore College in North Bay to develop his new product, the CureCap.

The CureCap affixes to a mason jar, then, as humidity builds up inside the jar, the user ‘burps’, or lets air out.

Sagle said he teamed up with Canadore when he discovered they were offering funding to develop product prototypes.

“When I was just starting with an idea, I was having a hard time figuring out where to go from there,” Sagle said. “Canadore really helped here, they hooked up the resources and funding to get it going, they were amazing to work with.”

Although medicinal marijuana has been legal in Canada for some time, Sagle is predicting a boom in the recreational industry when it is legalized, and he’s ready to focus on designing products for it.

“The industry’s been around for a while but flying under the radar,” Sagle said. “A lot of the products out there could use refining.”

In particular, Sagle plans on developing products for small scale or home growers. Enter the the CureCap.

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