Centennial College opens first learning site in China approved to teach Canadian curriculum 

Centennial College

On October 17, 2016, Toronto’s Centennial College officially opened its first international learning site today in the city of Suzhou, located 100 km northwest of Shanghai, China. Suzhou Centennial College is the first Canadian institution registered and approved by the Chinese government to deliver Canadian post-secondary programs and confer Canadian diplomas in China.

The joint location was established in association with Suzhou University of Science and Technology and is approved by China’s Ministry of Education. Suzhou Centennial College offers 18 programs, including four Centennial programs providing Canadian credentials in accounting, finance, software engineering and business foundations. All programs offer articulated pathways to Centennial’s campuses in Toronto. New applied-learning programs will be added in the future, based on the China market and its need for new skills.

The groundbreaking partnership is reciprocal, offering a unique opportunity for Canadian students to take a semester of their program in China. This will provide Canadian college students the option to internationalize their education and complete an internship abroad. While all Centennial programs are delivered in English, students can take optional Mandarin courses during their semester in China.

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