Confederation College students and employees raise 55K for the United Way

Confederation College

from TB News Watch:

Through donations, product sales and department competitions, the students and employees at Confederation College have raised $55,315 in support of its students, the United Way and “Stock the Bank”, an internal campaign in support of the Emergency Student Food Bank at the College.

“I am consistently amazed, but never surprised at how much is raised through this campaign each year,” said Jim Madder, President of Confederation College.

“Our College community understands the need for these supports for our students and for residents of Thunder Bay, and therefore employees and students work very hard to do their part. I am always proud to see us all come together to help our students, who are so important to us, and to help such a worthy charity as the United Way.”

The United Way provides financial support to 30 local agencies making it possible for them to offer 64 diverse human service programs to members of the community. Altogether, $55,315 was raised to contribute to this important cause.

The total amount raised includes $15,009 for United Way’s funded agencies, $20,355 directed to support student awards at Confederation College, and $19,960 directed to “Stock the Bank” in support of the College’s Emergency Student Food Bank. Employees and students also collected 5,800 food bank items.

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