Douglas College students tour New Westminster to help solve urban environmental issues

Douglas College

Douglas College students toured New Westminster alongside Mayor Jonathan Cote on Oct 7, 2016 to investigate ongoing initiatives that will improve their urban environment.

Students researched environmental and social issues facing the city, including waterfront revitalization plans, sober houses and congestion issues, for a 13-week interactive writing course. Following the tour, the students had the opportunity to ask questions, and at the end of the course, presented suggested improvements to the mayor.

“One of our course units focuses on the role and importance of public spaces in a community. Since this is one of the mayor’s areas of expertise, he seemed a natural fit. We are immensely fortunate that he has volunteered to lead students on this walking tour,” said Douglas College instructor Jasmine Nicholsfigueiredo. “It’s an incredible opportunity. Students might very well learn to see their surroundings in unexpected ways.”

This venture is just one of many ways Douglas College students get active within their own cities. Throughout the term, students participated in a variety of collaborative sessions with New Westminster’s chief administrative officer, as well as Frank Cunningham from the University of Toronto’s Innis College, and Nicholsfigueiredo, who guide them in researching public life and public streets.

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