Durham College Music Business Administration grad makes it to Top 40 with debut single

Durham College

from Maclean’s:

“Sarah Mark didn’t realize just how much she had learned in college until she got her first Top 40 hit on the radio. Granted, she had barely finished college when that happened.

Her debut single “Tun Up,” a jaunty R&B summertime pop anthem, started getting serious airtime on Canadian radio stations just as she was graduating from Durham College’s music business administration program in June 2016, the song quickly turning into a Top 40 hit in Canada. “I don’t know if I’m going to get another shot at this, so I want to make the most of it,” says Mark, who is only 18 years old. “I’m just like anyone else who ever had a dream.”

You might expect to find an aspiring singer-songwriter studying music theory rather than music administration, but Mark sees the benefit of being proficient in all facets of the industry. “[The program] seemed very contemporary and focused on the business side of things,” she explains, “which is something an artist should be. You’re a step ahead if you have the business side.”

The music business administration program is certainly a point of pride for Durham College president Don Lovisa. “It’s not just classroom work,” he says. “It’s applied, it’s experiential, it’s work-related.””

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