English Language Institute helps international students find success in Manitoba

Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology

To say Oksana Shevchuk’s journey at MITT has been a remarkable success would be an understatement

In spring of 2016, she and her husband arrived in Manitoba from Ukraine as students in MITT’s English Language Institute (ELI). Oksana went from not speaking English to speaking alongside provincial and federal government guests during the grand opening of the Institute’s new facility in October. Later, she was named International Student of the Year by the Manitoba Council for International Education.

Oksana’s experience is one the Institute seeks to create for all students – domestic, secondary or international. To achieve this, MITT creates spaces and support systems that help students deal with unique circumstances – like being a new arrival to Canada – that can challenge their ability to focus on academics.

This was the vision behind the new ELI facility, a combination of high-tech classrooms and labs as well as informal spaces that invite collaboration as learners develop English skills together. The facility is the latest success for the program which has seen enrolment increase more than 400 per cent since September 2012.

Three different English Language streams offered at the ELI: give students an edge whether they come to MITT to pick up language skills they can take back home, or to pursue continued post-secondary or employment opportunities in Manitoba. And ELI staff help students manage both classroom learning and the challenges of settling in a new country so that they can focus their energy on their language training.

The ELI is part of MITT’s greater vision of becoming a global leader in language training and creating more and more student success stories like Oksana’s.

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