Former BCIT student launches new augmented reality app to tell Indigenous stories

British Columbia Institute of Technology

from CBC Radio:

Imagine Google MapsWikipediaPokémon Go and a Canadian Heritage Minute, all rolled into one.

Now, imagine it all on your smartphone.

The app in question is called Wikiupedia. It’s the brainchild of Adrian Duke, a tech entrepreneur who comes from the Muscowpetung First Nation in Saskatchewan. He imagines it as a powerful tool for sharing and preserving Indigenous history, by crowd-sourcing stories from across Canada.

The app is currently in beta testing. Duke hopes it will be available in app stores this summer.

“Wikiupedia is a location-based story catching app that allows the Aboriginal community to share their stories, traditional knowledge, and any other information that they would like, using a bunch of different media sources,” explains Duke.

The app, named after a traditional Indigenous hut called a “wikiup,” will include content in the form of videos, images, audio and augmented reality. The augmented reality aspect will display a graphic on your screen that layers on top of what’s actually there, creating a composite image.

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