From COGS to NASA: NSCC grad a world-wide expert and advocate for free and open geospatial sharing

Nova Scotia Community College

When a business gets a call from NASA, it’s a big deal. When that business is being asked to teach some of NASA’s brightest minds, it’s galactic.

That’s exactly what happened to Jeff McKenna, a 2003 graduate of NSCC’s Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS). In the fall of 2012, NASA reached out to Gateway Geomatics, the company Jeff owns, to see if he could create a custom open source geospatial solution (or ‘mapping’ to the layperson) for NASA employees. Jeff didn’t hesitate.

That was just the beginning.

Today, Jeff is an award-winning world-recognized expert and passionate advocate for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) and MapServer for Windows (MS4W). It certainly helps that he’s one of the three founders of the technology.

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