Full Blood Moon Entertainment: Films that Shifts Perspectives

Grande Prairie Regional College

They call themselves “The Four Horsemen.”

They have more to do with film-making than the apocalypse, but the four gentlemen who make up Full Blood Moon Entertainment Inc. are working hard to create a global shift nonetheless.

Today, however, they are taking a break at their shared alma mater. Sitting in dark suits in the cafeteria, they are telling the story of how four Grande Prairie Regional College (GPRC) men came to invent a film genre that’s attracting a lot of attention.

Their short horror film, Bohemian Blood, was initially created for a local film-making contest – the Frightening48 Film Challenge.

It was clear the four were a special team as soon as they came together.

“We’re like a closed circuit,” says Cam White, who studied Interactive Digital Design at the college. “We work really well together because we never say ‘no,’ we never stop the energy. The more crazy ideas the better – eventually we’ll have one just crazy enough to work.”

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