GAME program partnership between Brock University and Niagara College teaches students about design and production of video games

Niagara College

from Erie Media:

“It’s a nice problem to have. Brock University staff have been flooded by applications in a new program where students learn about the design and production of video games.

The GAME program is a partnership between Brock and Niagara College. When it launched for its debut season in September, nearly 400 applications were received for 50 available spots. And now hundreds of applications are again being received for the program’s second year of classes in September, 2017.

“It just shows how much demand there is from students for this kind of program,” said Assistant Professor Jason Hawreliak. “It’s been going better than we had ever hoped” with students showing immediate investment in the learning material.

GAME’s unique structure has students earning a university degree and an advanced college diploma in four years. Students choose their stream at Brock, either aiming for a Bachelor of Arts in game design or Bachelor of Science in game programming.

It was the collaborative approach between the two institutions that drew Ivy Truong to the program. The first-year GAME student was enticed not only by the ability to earn a degree and diploma in four years, but also by the program’s focus on theoretical and practical learning.

Hawreliak said the program aims to turn students into experts on the tools of the trade while also focusing on the principles, design and theory behind gaming.”

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