George Brown students bring Chai Masti (Tea & Fun) to seniors in Mumbai 

George Brown College

George Brown College’s partnership with the Tata Institute of Social Services (TISS) in India offers students in the Early Childhood Education, Activation Co-ordinator/Gerontology and Community Worker programs an interdisciplinary international placement with one of several TISS community partners.

Dignity Foundation, an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of India’s senior citizens, is one of these partners. Based primarily in Mumbai, the Foundation operates dementia day programs, runs several Chai Masti (Tea & Fun) Loneliness Mitigation Centres, and maintains village-style retirement and assisted living units. George Brown’s Activation Co-ordinator/Gerontology students engage the seniors in meaningful activities that promote physical, mental and social wellness.

As one George Brown student put it, “I have learned from the staff at Dignity the value of being less rigid in the approach to programming. The staff here focus on residents having fun, letting loose and being silly, which creates a really positive environment for everyone. Facilitators go with the flow of the day and are open to changing their schedules if need be, and the clients actually have input that is really heard. Back in Canada I want to make sure I remember that there is such a thing as being too planned. That way in the future, when I am in a position of authority, I can try to allow more flexibility into the program calendar.”

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