MEDIC builds vaccine health architecture for Africa

Mohawk College

Mohawk’s mHealth & eHealth Development and Innovation Centre (MEDIC) is bridging the gap between the healthcare sector and the companies who are developing innovative solutions aimed at improving healthcare in Canada and beyond.

Software Architect, Justin Fyfe, who is a Mohawk graduate, is helping health professionals save lives in Tanzania with Inspired by his work on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded Better Immunization Data pilot project to help create a healthcare database for families in Tanzania, Justin created OpenIZ as a scalable platform that allows regions across the globe to perform, forecast and track immunizations from cradle to grave.

He returned to Tanzania in 2016 to fully implement the platform, which will support 50 million people in Tanzania and can support up to 80 other countries. There are plans to launch the platform in Kenya and the Philippines.

To read more about Justin’s immunization data project, click here.