Medicine Hat College partners to support a local renewable energy microgrid project

Medicine Hat College

from Electric Energy Online:

Medicine Hat College, the City of Medicine Hat, and Bluenergy Solarwind Canada Inc. have entered into a memorandum of understanding for the purposes of developing, building and commissioning a showcase distributed generation renewable energy microgrid.

In its initial configuration the project will consist of:

  • Wind – 4 BSW UrbaVentoTM 3kWp vertical axis wind turbines = 12kWp (Est. 28,800 kWhrs / year)
  • Solar Thermal – BSW ThermaSunTM commercial TS-4 Solar Thermal system = 6 kWp (Est. BTUs heat equivalent to 25,300 kWhrs / year)
  • Solar PV – 60-70 solar panels on either roof or fixed ground mount = 20 kWp (Est. 19,500 kWhrs / year)
  • Control – WiseEnergyTM intelligent digital management and control system for sensing and remote monitoringThe total nameplate capacity of the project is 38 kWp, with a total estimated system output of 73,600 kilowatt hours per year

“This collaborative project will increase the capacity of the Medicine Hat region to engage in and support the rapid evolution of Alberta’s economy. The partners – including education, government, and private industry – will combine to create new jobs, intellectual property, career opportunities, and regional renewable energy assets at a critical moment in the province’s history.” Dr. Denise Henning, President and CEO, Medicine Hat College

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