NBCCD Metal Arts Student Rory Greythorn: Making Sweet Jewellery


Rory Greythorn has made a conscious decision to slow down his path in Jewellery/Metal Arts, and have a more “textured” experience.  Rather than rushing to get the basics, move on to the next learning project and putting “his eyes on the prize of the diploma”, Rory wants to build, explore and have time to absorb the basics, the techniques and tips and play with them, before moving on to the next.  He has a long list of directions in metal he wants to explore, before making a final decision about doing another year in Advanced Studio Practice (ASP) here at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD).

As a mature student Rory has already completely changed his life:  changed provinces, changed his home, lifestyle and headed back to school.  In fact everyone in Rory’s household is back at school:  his wife and both his daughters.  It was a daunting experience to make the decision to do this, but Coordinating Instructor, Brigitte Clavette assured Rory that he could do this, and he completely believed she would push him, pull him and give him her honest opinion as to whether he was doing meaningful work or not.

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