NBCCD Textile Design Alumna Emily Blair Weaves a Poem


Featured on CreatedHere:

Weaving is a code that transcends mediums. Known by an exclusive group of highly skilled craftspeople, this code empowers the weavers who use it to create something incredible from nearly nothing: from string into cloth, and sometimes beyond.

Emily Blair is an up-and-coming weaver on the verge of graduating with her Diploma in Textile Design: Weave major from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD). She is a special breed of collaborative maker who challenges herself and others to create compelling and complex conceptual projects. As remarked by her weaving instructor and mentor, Jackie Bourque: “She is exciting to work with. She is a fantastic student, always willing to explore and try new ideas.”

She shows these strengths in her recent project, Hypothermia: A Warped Collaboration. Emily has united a weaver, a poet, and a musician. First, Rebecca Salazar wrote a winter-themed poem. Then, Emily translated that poem into a woven structure using a code that she created. That woven structure was transformed into a cello composition by Emily Kennedy. This collection, which debuted at Flourish Festival in Fredericton, was exhibited again at the NBCCD Diploma Exhibition at the Beaverbook Art Gallery in June. Emily is keen to start on new collaborative adventures: “I think it just sparks so much more than one person could possibly do on their own.  And the creative push of getting other people involved just fuels the whole project.”

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