Neighbourhood Policing Program Evaluation

Humber College

Humber and TPS are collaborating to evaluate the effectiveness of the Neigbourhood Policing Program (NPP), a program implemented by TPS in May 2013 to reduce crime and increase public safety and public trust in police. Through the program, neighbourhood policing teams were assigned to selected Toronto neighbourhoods to increase police presence and address identified community problems that are associated with both observed crime patterns and strained relationships between community members and police. Preliminary results suggest that the NPP is making positive changes within these communities.

With the support of a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Community and College Social Innovation Fund (SSHRC-CCSIF) grant, Jeanine Webber and her team have continued this groundbreaking research. This policing-academic collaboration will not only identify the impact of the NPP and research change in neighbourhoods with public safety challenges but will also provide training opportunities for students, create a tool-kit for other police services to replicate effective strategies within their jurisdictions, and strengthen the relationship between the TPS and the public.