Olds College Constructed Wetlands

Olds College

The Olds College Treatment Wetlands were over 11 years in the making, and officially opened in 2013. Since opening, the Wetlands have welcomed hundreds of visitors to take in the beauty and learn more about our local ecology.

The Wetlands encompass an area of 20 acres, and include 19 ponds and a 1.3 kilometre pathway. What is not obvious to the eye is the function of the ponds – treating and polishing run-off water from the campus, and providing incredible research opportunities in the area of waste-water treatment. The Wetlands are designed to meet the instructional needs of courses and programs on campus, and are used as the location and subject matter for research projects and teaching opportunities for community schools and organizations.

The Treatment Wetlands project was driven by a need to respond to the Alberta Government’s “Water for Life” strategy which raises the awareness of ongoing wetlands losses.

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