Olds College International Projects

Olds College

Olds College has an extended history of involvement in international applied research and development projects. Dating back to the mid 1970’s, the College has set up several successful projects around the world.

Recently, the College had the opportunity to make a difference at the international level with three bilateral social entrepreneurship, capacity building, and competency based education training initiatives:

  • Dominican Republic Coffee Project(2012-2014). The College imported coffee from rural Dominican Republic, roasted it in Calgary and sold it online, through local Co-op stores and coffee shops. Sales totalled almost $65,000, profits went back to the Dominican Republic to support education and training. Olds College students gained a complete understanding of the international coffee value chain. Olds College received a Sliver Award of Excellence for Internationalization from the Association of Canadian Community Colleges.
  • Science without Borders(2014-2016) was a partnership with Olds College and the Brazilian government that saw 16 Brazilian students attend Olds College to complete their fourth and fifth year of their B.Sc. in agronomy and veterinary medicine.
  • Education for Employment – Andean Region(2014-2017). Olds College is currently working with a small technical college in Rioja, Peru to revise the curriculum for their Food Processing diploma, and a small technical college in Portachuelo, Bolivia to revise the curriculum for their Agriculture Technician diploma.

For more information watch this great video.