Photographer Kelly Baker: Telling Untold Stories


What do an anthropologist and a photographer have in common? A pure obsession with storytelling.

Little wonder that Kelly Baker was drawn to pursue both career paths. In fact, before entering the photography program, she had already completed a PhD in Anthropology:

“I went to school for a lot of years to become an anthropologist, so I became obsessed with storytelling and identity. I drew that interest into my photography practice, and then I became obsessed with how you could tell a story just with a face.”

In anthropology, knowledge is collected through an interview process that aims to understand the culture of the subjects. This research method is the same that Kelly uses in her photography practice. In a recent and especially stunning project, This is Us, Kelly created portraits of individuals who were suffering from homelessness. She began each session with an interview.

As viewers approach this series, they are drawn in by the intense relatability of the portraits, both the faces of the people and the written stories that accompany them. You can see the full collection here.

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