Rio Reflections: Centennial College Paralympics Mission

Centennial College

In September 2016, 15 sports journalism students from Centennial College in Toronto travelled to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to cover the Paralympic Games.  Centennial College’s Faculty Lead International Program (FLIP) missions allow students to gain first-hand experience and practical knowledge relevant to their field of study in an international context, under the leadership of faculty.

The students in Rio learned about history and development of para-sports and gained an understanding of the challenges faced by para-athletes in Canada and around the world.

“Being surrounded by world-class talent and the hardest-working athletes in the world was a surreal experience. Everywhere I looked, I saw inspiration.” says Braydon Holmyard, student of Centennial College’s Sports Journalism Graduate Certificate Program, and FLIP participant.

With an aim to push the boundaries of traditional Paralympic media coverage, the students discovered as much about themselves as individuals and journalists as they did about the incredible athletes, and supportive people of Brazil; cheering on sports and culture with pride.

In “Rio Reflections” the students each tell the story of their Rio adventure

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