Saskatchewan Polytechnic partnership behind Hannin Creek Educational Facility wins silver medal 

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

It is a relationship that began through a shared desire to maintain and build upon the educational, applied research and conservation efforts at the Hannin Creek Educational Facility, located north of Prince Albert. Now it’s an award-winning partnership.

The Saskatchewan Polytechnic and Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation (SWF) partnership behind Hannin Creek won a silver medal in the IPN-Global Best competition, sponsored by the Conference Board of Canada and the International Education Business Partnership Network.

“This is quite an honour,” says Hamilton Greenwood, Sask Polytech Natural Resources instructor. “This partnership means we can provide our students, and other organizations in Saskatchewan, with a unique opportunity to experience the natural world and all the plants and animals that call this place home.”

Sask Polytech and the SWF came together six years ago to renovate and expand the site, creating applied learning opportunities for students in a number of programs including forestry, fisheries, wildlife, conservation law, and environmental, civil and water resources engineering technology. It also means the SWF can ensure an important ecological landscape within Saskatchewan remains protected.

“This partnership enables us to offer enhanced learning opportunities at Hannin Creek, with better resources and facilities that allow access to the outdoors,” says Darrell Crabbe, SWF executive director. “It is a great place to help teach the values of conservation to ensure this landscape is preserved for generations.”

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