Selkirk College Distinguished Alumna is Courageous and Compassionate Nurse

Selkirk College

Selkirk College recently awarded family nurse practitioner Patrice Gordon with the Distinguished Alumna honour at the Graduation 2017 ceremony held at the Castlegar Campus. The earnest professional provides compassionate care to isolated First Nations communities in British Columbia’s Chilcotin region while responding to crises world-wide as part of the Canadian Red Cross Emergency Response Unit. Her experiences are as vast as the knowledge she continues to acquire and share as a life-long learner and teacher.

Always a caregiver at heart, Patrice Gordon achieved her diploma in Nursing at Selkirk College in 1985 and at the 2017 Selkirk College graduation ceremony; she was honoured by her former alma mater as a distinguished alumna.

“This is a huge honour. It’s particularly special because it really takes me back to my roots,” says Gordon. “When I first went to Selkirk College I was a young single mom and I was terrified I wouldn’t be successful at this endeavor. Becoming a nurse seemed intimidating.”

Many years later, Gordon is a confident and compassionate nurse practitioner with a wealth of knowledge in her field gained through ongoing training and incredible lived experience.

“That caregiver role, wanting to take care of people that were vulnerable in any way has been part of my make up as long as I can remember and before, according to my mother,” says the Nakusp native. “Who I am really blossomed in the role first as a nurse, then as a nurse practitioner, because it was such a good fit.”

The adventurous woman quickly learned that the opportunities available for nurses were vast and fulfilling. Gordon went on to achieve her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Thompson Rivers University specializing in Critical Care, Emergency, Trauma Nursing and Flight Medivac. This led to her work in the Arctic as a flight medic, in the Andes as a high-altitude mountaineering medic and on sail boats as an open-ocean medic.

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