Selkirk College instructor builds on Rwanda relationship

Selkirk College

from the press release:

The bond grows between Selkirk College and Rwanda’s Nyundo School of Music where an international language is bringing growing opportunities to shrink the world through music.

The next chapter in the growing relationship between Selkirk College and Rwanda’s Nyundo School for Music has been written.

Earlier this month, Selkirk College Contemporary Music & Technology Program instructor Gilles Parenteau traveled to the African nation to spend seven days in the classroom with Nyundo students. It’s the second time in a year that the veteran faculty member has made the trip to strengthen the bond between to the two institutions.

The Selkirk College Contemporary Music & Technology Program and Rwanda’s Nyundo School of Music continue to build an important relationship that is shrinking the world. Earlier this month, Selkirk College keyboard instructor Gilles Parenteau spent a week teaching in the African nation.

“The first visit was overwhelming, I had never been to a country like that before,” Parenteau says of his April, 2016 trip. “This time I didn’t go as an observer, I went as a participant. I was teaching every day and was able to bring in where our curriculum best fits with their curriculum while still respecting their direction.”

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