Selkirk College students showcase projects aimed at promoting peace in their communities

Selkirk College

Selkirk College Students taking the Leadership for Peace course recently showcased their learning projects aimed at promoting peace directly in their communities. From idea to implementation, students learned about the trials and triumphs of working toward social transformation.

A group of eight Selkirk College students recently showcased their Peace Studies service learning projects that took them from the classroom into the community as leaders promoting peace and making a difference.

Peace Studies Instructor Lori Barkley welcomed the self-directed students home to the Mir Centre for Peace as they shared with their classmates and guests what their outreach studies entailed.

“Each year we have these students out in our communities doing good work and it’s all coming from them,” says Barkley.

She explains the emphasis is on the learning process, not the project itself, and what the students can learn by contributing to their community.

“Students learn so much in the process of designing and implementing their projects. They learn what to look for in a mentor, how to think critically not only about what they are doing, but the process by which they are doing it, and what kind of leaders they are,” Barkley says.

As students work through their projects, they do so with the help of a mentor chosen by them. Simran Sandhu worked with retired Selkirk College instructor Madelyn Mackay as she organized a conflict management workshop which took place on the Castlegar Campus.

“She is a true leader. Nothing was possible without her,” says Sandhu.

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