St Lawrence College grad pitches rolling ice cream startup business on Dragon’s Den

St Lawrence College

from the Kingston Heritage:

When Kingstonian Brandon McIntosh graduated from St. Lawrence College two years ago, he had to make a decision about his future.

“I worked while I was in school and in the end I had enough money to pursue a Master’s degree, buy a house, or start a business,” explained the Bachelor of Business Administration graduate. “I thought the business sounded like the most exciting option, so I started brainstorming.”

At first, McIntosh thought of running his own maple syrup taffy business with a travelling cart and frozen trough, but after some research he realized how expensive that endeavour would be and looked for other options.

“I had developed an ice plate prototype so I started looking for other ways to use it,” he said. “I came across this trend of rolling ice cream and saw the number of people watching videos on it and decided to go for it.”

Rolling ice cream businesses have been popping up across North America for the past few years and McIntosh knew it was only a matter of time before one arrived locally, so he decided to jump on board and developed his ice plate further.

“I got an ice cream recipe and a putty scraper and I tried it on the plate and it worked,” he said. “From watching Dragon’s Den, I learned about having a product that is scalable so you can make it bigger. That is where I got the idea of creating my own take-home product and just went from there.”

With Dragon’s Den as an inspiration, McIntosh decided to take Rolling Desserts and his ice plate to the Dragons themselves. Earlier this year, he auditioned for the show here in Kingston. He practiced and practiced ahead of his slot at the Ambassador Hotel and in the end, he felt really good about his product and performance in front of the producers.

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