“The Workplace” Project: Real Training for the Real World

Parkland College

Over the past several years, Parkland College has partnered with File Hills Employment and Training Centre in Balcarres, SK to deliver a project called “The Workplace” to First Nations communities within the File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council.

“The Workplace” is a distinctive education and training program that simulates a work environment within the classroom.  Students are “employees” and the Instructor is the “employer.” Students receive mock paycheques (minimum wage) based on attendance, which they can redeem for rewards. There are also appropriate deductions which serve as a teaching tool. Workplace policies and procedures, forms, and performance evaluations are built into the program to get students accustomed to a work environment. There is a 20-day work placement based on the participant’s interests. They are monitored and supported in gaining this valuable experience.

The aim of the project is to build the students’ skills and confidence, and to ensure that they gain meaningful employment at the end of the program. This model has created a greater awareness among participants to strive toward their training and employment goals, and to know that they are capable of moving ahead toward their ambitions.

Watch the video here.