Vancouver Island University grad launches Cree app to preserve Indigenous language

Vancouver Island University

from Global News:  

The Athabasca Tribal Council wants to make sure indigenous languages are not lost. So it took matters into its own hands — to put language back into the hands of youth.

A free app, called ATC Cree, provides hundreds of words with their Cree translation.

“It has categories of words,” developer Byron Bates explained. “You can press on a category and it has a list of words with the English, the Cree, and a play button.

Bates was approached by the council to help create the app as a way to get young people more engaged in the language.

“I think most indigenous languages are under threat of being slowly lost,” he said. “Cree was the most spoken language in Canada before contact. If we didn’t have colonization, our national language would probably be Cree.”

So far, the team has recorded 447 words, about 120 of which are already on the app.

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