Woven Stories

Sheridan College

Woven Stories is a two-storey public art installation on the western façade of Sheridan’s Rob Turner Building at its Davis Campus in Brampton, Ontario. It consists of a series of custom designed and printed vinyl applications and blinds that wrap 112 glass panes found on the building’s exterior. Taken together, the window treatment resembles long pieces of twine when viewed from the street and depicts hands working with rope inside the space itself, conceptually representing the way that the programs that are delivered in the building work together to serve, protect and help our communities.

The project was Sheridan’s first large-scale foray into experiential design. Creating a reverse internship opportunity, Sheridan hired Lisa Rapaport and Chris Pommer of PLANT Architect to mentor students to tackle the long-standing challenge of glare and heat build-up that made the adjacent stairwell and social space unbearable. After a three-day charrette, Rapaport and Pommer recruited two Bachelor of Illustration students, a Bachelor of Craft and Design – Industrial Design student and connected with Sheridan Professor of Illustration Marco Cibola to plan and help execute the design.

The mural re-imagines and re-invents an everyday space, capturing Sheridan’s cultural character and adding a visually-rich and freely accessible artistic experience to campus and the city of Brampton.


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