Colleges and Institutes Canada is launching this anniversary project to showcase your excellence – the excellence of our members – in research, achievements, technology, and innovation that has contributed to the success and recognition of Canada’s post-secondary
education system both domestically and abroad. To celebrate, we want to engage Canada’s 1.5 million college-based learners in over 3000 communities across the country in a suite of inter-related activities through the course of 2017. Starting in January,
we will be celebrating college and institute success with our National Anthology, a project using your submissions to highlight the role colleges and institutes have played and will continue to play in making Canada one of the world’s wealthiest nations
and strongest societies, embodying openness, respect and diversity.

Submission Calendar

Topic Launch Date
Art & Design Achievements January 1st 2017
International Success Stories February 1st 2017
Green Spaces April 1st 2017
Innovation May 1st 2017
Indigenous Inclusion June 1st 2017
Programs of Interest July 1st 2017
Cool Spaces September 1st 2017
Outstanding Graduates October 1st 2017
Entrepreneurship November 1st 2017
Community Impact December 1st 2017

#150Reasons Twitter Shareables

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Email Template (Mailchimp)

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the emailer template file has been imported, click on the “Next” button to continue with your campaign.


Use the hashtags #Canada150 and #CICan150 across your social media networks when promoting your college or institution and Canada’s 150.

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