Algonquin College graphic design students and grads participate in digital comic book project to raise awareness about the immune system and vaccinations

Algonquin College

from Metro Ottawa:

“A prominent Ottawa doctor has teamed up with graphic-design prodigies to convince children to get vaccinated.

Immunization Warriors is a digital comic book that aims to get children thinking differently about needles and go over the heads of reluctant parents.

Comparing viruses to invading extra-terrestrials, the comic aims to explain the role of white blood cells and vaccines to children.

Dr. Kumanan Wilson, the Ottawa Hospital’s Research Chair in Public Health Innovation, got the idea when he came to speak at his son’s Grade 5/6 split class, explaining the immune system through an analogy of a space invasion.

“I thought this might be a great way to connect,” he said. “The immune system is cool. If you frame it like this, they’ll think science is amazing.”

Wilson reached out to Algonquin College. With funding from the Public Health Agency of Canada, the college suggested a video comic book and linked him to two students and one graduate.”

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