Anasthasia More: NBCCD Ceramics student make ball-jointed dolls

New Brunswick College of Craft & Design

Anasthasia More has always known what she wanted to do. She wanted to come to NBCCD for many years and now she is finally here, studying in the 2-year Diploma in Ceramics. But she’s not here to do functional pottery. Anasthasia is here to increase her skills and knowledge for making porcelain ball jointed dolls.

With a love of dolls (and socks) Anasthasia researched and starting making her first resin doll about 5 years ago. While researching and experimenting, she posted her journey on doll forums and chat rooms. It took almost 2 years to make her first doll, and the response from those who watched her progress via the internet was incredible. Everyone wanted to buy a doll.

With a mind that’s made for business, Anasthasia reached out to a doll manufacturer in China and began the long and difficult process of learning to design for manufacturing. As a first time venture, and having to prepay for her production, Anasthasia was very scared. She had a brilliant idea of having a pre-order month and hoped to take orders for enough dolls to fill the manufacturer’s prerequisite of 50 dolls. 20 orders came and gave her the confidence to go ahead with her plan. Once she got the dolls and posted pictures, the other 30 sold out in less than one week. It was a lot of work, but these $350 dolls are definitely collector items and true labors of love. That first success inspired Anasthasia to keep going. Her next doll was a porcelain ball jointed bunny, and that provided the impetus to attend NBCCD and get help with her self-research.

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