Bangalore or Bust: CNC Nurses Take Part in International Clinical Exchange 

College of New Caledonia

The nursing profession is one that comes with a host of its own rules, procedures, concerns and difficulties for students. Add in the challenge of providing this nursing care in a completely different cultural context, and the impressiveness of the profession becomes even more apparent.

Earlier this summer, twelve CNC student nurses and two nursing faculty travelled to Bangalore, India, for a hands-on international clinical experience over the course of five weeks. While there, the group was faced with a range of new procedures, learning curves, and cultural differences. The students worked hard to understand the hierarchical and social systems of the country, overcome communication barriers and practice the importance of bridging the cultural gaps in order to provide a holistic delivery of care to their patients.

CNC students teamed up with nursing students from India and, through this peer to peer interaction, gained a better understanding of the nursing education in India and more insight into the culture of nursing and culture of India.

It was not easy, but “it will always be a high point in our nursing career that we will be able to reflect on and continue to learn from.” (Steve Ferguson, CNC nursing student)

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