BCIT’s Energy OASIS project


Given Canada’s size and the distances to travel, an environmentally sustainable transportation system has to provide electric vehicles the energy they need to move people and goods across this vast geography, without jeopardizing the reliability of our electric grid. Dr. Hassan Farhangi, director of the Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team, hopes that BCIT’s Energy OASIS project can help do just that. Energy OASIS uses the power of the sun to fuel electric vehicles.

The OASIS project is part of BCIT’s Smart Microgrid system and collects solar energy through photovoltaic (solar) panels, converts it into electrical energy, and then stores it in lithium ion battery banks. An intelligent energy-management system plans the distribution of stored energy to power various campus loads, including electric vehicle charging stations at BCIT’s Burnaby Campus.

The project, which started in June 2012, was made possible through $4.4 million in funding from Natural Resources Canada’s Clean Energy Fund and $2 million in funding from the B.C. government through BC Hydro. The project also received various monetary and in-kind donations from Panasonic, Siemens, Schneider and Car2Go.

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