Bringing a buzz to Humber College

Humber College

Humber College has thousands of hard workers – and we’re not just talking about our students.

These workers are black and yellow, smaller than a paperclip and can be seen buzzing around campus in warmer months. (Honey bees, in case you didn’t guess).

In an effort to rebuild the number of worker honey bees in the area, Humber’s Office of Sustainability installed two hives each at the North and Lakeshore campuses, joining the hives already in the North Campus Arboretum. The bees are cared for by two beekeepers with a combined 20 years’ experience.

Honey is harvested in the summer and fall, and mainly used by the students in the college’s culinary program.

The college and Arboretum staff partnered up to offer a certificate in Sustainable Urban Beekeeping. Courses include beekeeping basics, harvesting honey, building and expanding hives and by-products of the honey harvest.

Learn more about the program here, and check out this video.