Camosun College alum Ben Costin applied his engineering skills in new Camosun Innovates lab

Camosun College

Camosun College’s Camosun Innovates department receives funding from national bodies including the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and Western Economic Diversification Canada (WED). Working with local industry, Camosun Innovates provides research services including industrial prototyping, innovations for athletes of diverse abilities, environmental protection, and technology to streamline business processes—all helping local industry prosper. The result is marketplace innovation, improved human performance, enhanced economic diversity, and social innovation.

Underlying the importance that Camosun places on applied research, each year during the June graduation ceremonies, the college honours an individual or organization for innovation. This year’s Board of Governors Award for Innovation recipient is Mechanical Engineering Technology student Ben Costin. He worked with local company Ocean Rodeo to develop a ground-breaking new control bar for the global kiteboarding industry.

“Ben is one of those unique individuals who creates his own path. And so the whole time Ben has worked with us he’s come up with new ideas,” says Walzak. “If I could capture what Ben has done and multiply that over just about every other student here at Camosun—that’s our vision at Camosun Innovates.”

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