Capilano University Graphic Design students transform experiences from seniors into shareable posters

Capilano University

from TrendHunter:

“Capilano University’s IDEA School of Design, a department that’s located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, assigned its students to visit the Silver Harbour Seniors’ Centre in to interview those there. 

The goal was to get an understanding of their experiences and to attain useful advice that could be transformed into a graphic design. After the students spoke with the seniors, they took a shareable quote and planned a design that would do it justice. Before they created the posters, they checked with the seniors to ensure that the message was exactly what they wanted. 

With this project, the IDEA School of Design gave its students the chance to interact with a client while gaining useful knowledge from their interviewee. This motivated them to produce something that was truly meaningful and allowed them to work with those outside of their usual demographic of interaction.”

See more of the posters here.