CCNB-BTSC plays an important role in New Brunswick!


CCNB’s Biorefinery Technology Scale-Up Centre (CCNB-BTSC) provides research and development services for the biotechnology and bioproducts development industry.

Very flexible in its approach, the CCNB-BTSC offers its support and expertise to companies of all sizes for projects of variable duration. Its employees are interested in the impact of each project and they assist companies in their efforts. The CCNB-BTSC assists companies in preparing applications for project financing and ensures the integration of new technologies into their operations, as well as the marketing potential of the products developed.

The centre also supports business clusters; notably micro-breweries and its suppliers of ingredients, including grain and hops producers. The CCNB-BTSC regularly organizes specialized workshops for this group to encourage and improve communication between local producers and ingredient suppliers. These workshops have benefited the entire sector.

The CCNB-BTSC is proud to be associated with this sector that is booming in New Brunswick and elsewhere in the country. Over the past year, the CCNB-BTSC has worked with 50 companies to increase their productivity, increase their knowledge of their processes, and stay on the leading edge of technology.

By improving business efficiency, the CCNB-BTSC contributes to the economic development of New Brunswick and surrounding provinces.

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