CICan Intern honoured by her experience at GPRC

Grande Prairie Regional College

Kristine Elipse just finished the summer of her life, and can’t wait to head back home to Toronto, Ontario to share her experience with family and friends.

The University of Toronto and Centennial College Environmental Science and Technology graduate spent the last six months working as a Research Intern for GPRC Research & Innovation’s Pollutants to Products (P2P) initiative happening in Grande Prairie.

The internship was created in partnership with CICan Clean Tech Internship program. Elipse is the hopeful first of many CICan Clean Tech Interns to gain experience at GPRC.

“Thanks to the quick actions of the P2P team, GPRC was able to be part of CICan first round of the Clean Tech Internship program. The program was to enable College graduates to gain experience in their chosen field. I trust the success of the Elipse-GPRC intern partnership will bode well for CICan and enable these internships to become an ongoing program for Canadian colleges and institutes,” says Dr. Bruce Rutley, GPRC Research & Innovation Director.

“It was kind of scary moving to Alberta from Ontario,” says Elipse. “I’m so happy I did it though, because the knowledge and experience I’ve gained from this opportunity is going to benefit me in my future.”

Elipse received her Bachelor of Science and Advanced diploma in Environmental Science and Technology from the University of Toronto in collaboration with Centennial College.

Elipse joined Dr. Weixing Tan and his research team at GPRC that pursue several applied research projects that aim not only to reduce pollutants and carbon emissions but to turn those pollutants into products using two major research projects including winter planting of black spruce seedlings and carbon bio-capture using microalgae.

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