Collège Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB), proud training partner of the New Brunswick’s First Nations!


CCNB is extremely proud to work with New-Brunswick’s First Nations Communities to provide quality and custom training programs that lead to meaningful employment opportunities. Over the years, CCNB has developed an expertise in providing quality and customized training programs adapted to the cultural and economic needs of the Aboriginal community. CCNB has developed solid and respectful working relationships with the First Nations communities across the province, including a joint partnership with the Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) to promote, plan and offer key training programs aimed at increasing employability among First Nations communities.

« It’s an honor and a privilege for us to work with the First Nations communities. We are honored to have the opportunity to develop collaborative programs that lead to skills development and employment », commented Liane Roy, CEO of CCNB.

The diversity of the training programs offered spans various sectors. Whether it’s fishing, mining, trucking, carpentry or even computer sciences, CCNB is working diligently with our First Nations partners to develop training programs that meet the needs of First Nations and of the labor market.

Our goal is to improve the employability skills of our Indigenous population and develop partnership that lead to employment; a model that can be described as win-win!

CCNB’s partnership with First Nations communities dates back to the late 90’s and has evolved over the years. In 2014, CCNB put forth a development plan aligned with First Nations priorities in the area of training and development and New-Brunswick’s economic development priorities. Through the department of Continuing education and customized learning, an Aboriginal training department was created to lead the development and growth of the sector.

CCNB delivers Aboriginal programs from various campus locations and in respective First Nations Communities across the province. Students are supported by a group of dedicated professionals which include, Aboriginal instructors and counselors, elders, mentors and community partners to help them cope with the challenges that may arise.