College of the Rockies showcases skilled trades program to visiting Tanzanian delegation

College of the Rockies

from the press release:

“The College of the Rockies showcased their skilled trades program to a delegation from Tanzania who are in Cranbrook — and Canada — to bolster their own initiatives at a post-secondary institution back in Africa.

The group, from the Mwanza Regional Vocational Training & Service Centre, located in Mwanza, Tanzania, toured COTR and Mount Baker Secondary School facilities and programs before heading down to Victoria to do the same with Camosun College.

“The whole purpose of the visit was for the Tanzanian group to learn about some things that they could possibly take back to their institution,” said Michael Hay, International Project Officer with COTR, “and also really hit home the idea of partnerships and relationship building is something that is key to everything.

“Without having those partnerships built, these programs aren’t really possible and they won’t come to fruition, especially in a Tanzanian context where government funding is very limited.”

The delegation — Mrs. Hildegardis Bitegera, Mr. John Kengese, Mr. Charles Mpambwe and Mr. Edwin Temu — were toured through Mount Baker on Thursday by Hay and Brian Conrad, the Regional Transitions Coordinator.”

Read more about the visit in the full press release, here.